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so sue me
Okay, I lied. Well, actually it wasn't a LIE it was just me holdin' up my hand for something that I knew my heart wasn't into right now. Yep...I'm a day one NaNoWrimo dropout. I'll win the prize for the lowest word count! 812 ( minus 30% as inflated by Hoss's buddy's WORD program ;) Did I mention that I have no discipline? And a 5 year old computer on dial-up? And a house that looks like Nate needs to come charging in and remodel? I thought I had. At least I know my limits. Getting older does that to a gal.

Instead, I shall bore you to tears with my daily ramblings here at the Poopie place. In between safaris for Prince Charming and trips to Lowe's for more grout and picking up pecans. Here's the Reader's Digest version of my day in the guise of Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Things about Poopie

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1. I'm wearing shorts. In November. Tell me global warming ain't real.

2. Today was my day off because I'll be at the hospital saving your life this weekend. If you want to tip me for not hurting when I put the needle in, feel free. I could use the $$ and I won't tell a soul.

3. Me and the dogs slept late today, and then took a nap, all in the same bed. The cats sleep on my feet. It's a zoo around here.

4. Miss Rhonda did me a nice haircut this afternoon, and turned me on to a new leave-in conditioner that smells tropical. Economy size, no less. I love that woman.

5. I'm re-reading "In Memory of Junior" by Clyde Edgerton, and I love it better every time I read it. The man is a master with his characters.

6. Daddy just brought me some more fescue sacks to put all those pecans in. I still don't have any firm orders. What y'all waiting on??

7. BabyGirl and her Memaw are about to embark on an adventure of the cookbook kind. Mom's cookbook is famous and has been out of print for years. No time like the present, I say. Y'all GO girls!

8. Dr. House is so obnoxious and so eccentric that I want to slap him and lay one on him all at the same time.

9. There ain't enough colors in a crayola box to scribble what it looks like here. Peak. Gorgeous. Still warm...unseasonably so.

10. I've had several job offers lately for equal or less money. Heh. It'll take a lot to get this old gal to leave paradise. But she CAN be had.

11. My mom will celebrate her 74th birthday on the twentieth of this month. I'm several inches taller than her now...go figure. I've never been taller than anybody except the circus midgets.

12. I smoke. Deal with it.

13. Phoenix had a thingy where we put our baby pictures out there for everybody to laugh at. I'm a sucker for stuff like that.
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