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mixed messages
Mixed messages….oh boy. Even having Dale Jr’s endorsement can’t offset Dubya’s bumbling this evening. It was Kerry on the offense and Jr pleading for us to believe that he didn’t make a mistake.

Granted..hindsight is much easier. An opposing candidate has all the ammo necessary to blast the record of the incumbent. A president who believed in what he had done would probably cut his losses at this point and say “I’m sorry…to all of you” and quit trying to defend something that even the WWII generation views as futile.

As I see it, that would be a smooth move by the Republican party. The war is THE election issue in the minds of many Americans. There’s really no way to defend something that has been touted as the ultimate answer to terrorism when in reality it’s a move designed to placate Americans who feel vulnerable because a bunch of idiots hate our materialism. I’m curious how the body count in Iraq compares to that of 9/11. Has anybody done the math on that one?

Our country is in crisis in countless ways. The healthcare industry is struggling to survive in the face of governmental insistence on regulating services that they know nothing about. We have hungry orphaned children who have no mentors and little hope of escaping the web of violence that is their life. A rapidly growing population of the elderly is beginning to include baby boomers who have spent their lives as educators and laborers and small business owners who have seen the folly of devoting their lives to companies that sell them out for a buck prior to retirement.

It’s easy to focus on an issue that involves obvious loss of life like a military operation. This country was all about Afghanistan and smoking out those caves. That was “focused” and legitimate anger …..cause and effect. How in this world WMD in a whole ‘nother country became our focus is a reminder of how quickly we forget who we’re blaming for our pain.
“They” say that it takes about 2 years to fully process the grief involved with a major loss, like loss of a family member through death or divorce, change of vocation or lifestyle. That means that as a country, it took us until early 2004 to recover from a terrorist act that showcased our vulnerability to hate. The mourning period is over, folks. Let’s get on with action vs reaction.

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