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meet me in the middle

I'm not what you would call a beautiful woman...like the kind that men turn flips to get attention from. Part of that is from not being willing to play the games that are required to capture the male ego and hold it hostage. Makeup is minimal because it gets in my eyes and makes them run. Ain't nothing sexy about that. The Poops budget doesn't allow for clothes aside from jammies and scrubs and a coupla pairs of jeans. New socks and underwear when the holes get too big to bear. My biggest investment is for good shoes to stand on the concrete with at the day job. Don't own a pair of f**k me pumps. If I did, Sam would have chewed one of 'em up by now..so there you go. My fashion statement in a nutshell. Some of it is about laziness when it comes to fixin' up. Most of it is about desiring to be seen as beautiful on the inside. When that happens, well I might care more about keeping up appearances. I reckon it's the Poopster variation of kissin' the frog.

A bunch of us landed at the kudzu bar late yesterday afternoon, unaware that Elvis was about to enter the building on ladies night. And enter he did, in all his sequined glory! My first thought was "ugh". Then double ugh. Changed my tune though when he got around to Rock Around the Clock and such. shhhhhhhhhh..don't tell anybody but I saw him talking to some folks while he was singing so I think it's all kinda rigged. Maybe he really is dead :) Took a few pics with a borrowed camera because mine was DOA. Just for the record, I'd ALMOST do the street corner hustle to own one like that. Almost.
Ya'll have a loverly weekend. I'll be at the sawmill, so think of me fondly.
just for fun.....
I tuned into the Republican presidential debate last night on CNN. As expected, most of the chat was about pinching pennies and life choices and "winning" the war on terror. Aw, there was some courting of minorities by Rudy and POW war drama by McCain. Huckabee countered with his list of things he will do to cure the ills that ail the African American voters who elected him as Guv. Fred Thompson is still a bad actor, in my humble opinion.

My favorite phrase? "The tsunami of entitlement" that is Social Security. Entitlement? Puleeeeeez folks. All of us hard working Americans on somebody's payroll have paid into that pot since Abe was a baby. That is not entitlement...it's taxation without proper representation when it's being spent on shit like government let contracts in US made wars and welfare programs for deadbeats who know how to work the system.

Watch out for this guy. I've always been a sucker for those who tilt at windmills.

My prediction? No way the GOP will ever nominate him. So he'll run as an independent and give BOTH parties something to worry about.
walk in the wood
things i'm not
Anybody who has read more than a paragraph around here pretty well knows what I'm about so I won't elaborate on that much more. Let's call it THE END.

The karmic thing about figuring out who you are is that in the process of self-discovery one also defines who they're not. Things that make your skin crawl and the hair on the back of the neck stand at attention. Here's my list with very few words to describe each because, uh. We're all friends here and know each other right?

I am not....

MEAN. Those people suck.

LAZY. Get up every morning and go to the day job with a smile on my face.

SPOILED. Checked out sugardaddydotcom and I don't think I've got the energy for all the typing and subscription fees required to find one. I'll settle for somebody who adores me shows it at every opportunity.

CONSERVATIVE. During the span of my life I've lived through some very volatile changes in social norms. Whatever floats your boat is my motto. Obey the big ten and it's all good.

SNOBBY. Oh puleeeeeez!

FAT. Nice boobs and a pretty face. The rest is padded a bit.

RACIST. See "story of my life".

MUSICAL WHORE. I love it all. Even (cleaned up) rap.

GOP or DEM. Haven't seen much that I'd claim from either party. My vote is still out.

FOOTBALL FAN. Sorry guys, I tried.

I'm feeling mischievous so I think I'll tag a few folks just 'cuz I can.





'tis the season
In spite of myself, I tromped up to the attic this evening and hauled out what's left of my Christmas stuff, which is what still means something to me. The rest of it burned a long time ago in some fire some night when I was going pyro on the world. What is left are the things that me and the BG hold dear to our Advent hearts and put out every year without fail. A snowglobe given to me by an old friend 25 years ago. A stained glass wreath handcrafted by my cousin/sister. A ginormous Mary Englebreit puzzle worked by my parents and framed up for BG real nice. A wooden tray with an insert that I cross-stiched back in the day when I could see better.

The ornaments are faded and mostly ancient, the lights from the dollar store purchased every year whenver they get put out on the shelf. Just enough twinkle to cover one live evergreen and a couple of azaelea bushes to bring the magic back to Pecan Lane for one more season of faith and hope. There is a nativity scene composed of a stable and various visitors at the birth, gathered over the years from my family. That's BG's favorite part..arranging the figures just as she imagines it went down when there was no room at the inn.

I don't know if you remember or can even imagine what it's like to be a junior in college working the night shift and commuting to school during the day. Times are hard for the girl. Ya'll pray about that one, umkay?

alrighty then...

Ya'll got the tree up and stuff? Not me. We do a live one so it's a bit too early what with the fire hazards and such. Besides..I'm busy chasin' Sugardaddy. Our holidays are simple now, a casual gathering of family with a no frills atmosphere. I wouldn't know what to do with a bunch of hoopla at Christmas anymore. And I like it that way, ya know?

The baby brother and his bride arrived on Friday from Virginia for a whirlwind family weekend before hitting the road to do a repeat of the 12 hour trip today. We had an "extended" family gathering for breakfast at the airport restaurant and I'll give you one guess who was late. Uh, yeah...me and BG both failed to properly set the alarm to we got there after everybody has finished eating but in time to visit with cousins, aunts and uncles. Life is good, even when you oversleep :)

My heart is heavy for all those poor folks in Bangladesh. Such a poor country to begin with, and then a horrific cyclone isolates the residents even further from what little aid is coming in for them. And THEN the dang bridge collapses. God bless 'em. Sounds a little bit like post-Katrina except that was in OUR country. I won't get started on that though..ranting runs up my blood pressure and I sure want to live long enough to see this idiot bunch in the White House replaced.

I'm fresh out of witty smartassisms. Just taking things one day at a time.

Keep the faith. ^j^
There are so many wonderful things that I'm thankful for today, not the least of which is not having to deal with airplanes to see my family. Sure, there have been times I felt like flying to Fiji just to get away from my life, but that passes quickly when I realize how precious and fragile the whole dysfunctional people-who-know-you-and-still-love-you warts and all thing is. We share the same memories and often carry silly grudges from the past right up to the gravesite of someone dear. I have no regrets in that respect. If the proverbial bus runs me over tomorrow it is well with my soul. I say it when I feel it and too bad if you can't handle my version of the truth.

It has been a terribly long road to where I am now...content to be living life one day at a time with a whimsical appreciation for where I've been. The greatest tribute that I can give to my parents is that they never tried to make me something I wasn't, but supported whatever I wanted to be at any given moment. That was pretty hard for 'em when I was a teenage hippie going barefoot to Led Zepplin concerts wearing Daddy's heavy woolen Air Force coat like a badge of defiance. Mom drove me to the Mid-South Colliseum for said rock, by the way.

We are blessed as citizens of this country to have the freedoms that we take for granted, earned through long nauseous Atlantic voyages, mucho cannonball fire and an arrow through the back now and then when the Native Americans got pissed. Can't say that I blame them, ya know? They played nice and shared what they had and then we got all greedy and shit.

I love the word harmony because..well. It's the polar opposite of having the one RIGHT answer for everybody in Big Ernie's universe. Puleeeeez tell me it's not too late to have a second child and name it Harmony! Well, it will be after I get the uterus yanked out. That cervical cancer ain't nothing to mess around with.

I know..I'm rambling. I tend to do that when I'm tired. Which I am.

Nighty night kids.

Save some turkey for sammiches.

all smiles
calm before the storm
Don't shoot the messenger, ya'll. But if somebody doesn't already have a big fat honkin' turkey out of the freezer and into the 'frig to thaw, you're not on schedule for the "perfect Thanksgiving" ala Martha Stewart. Don't fret though...you can always plop the bird down in cold water tomorrow and still be a hero. Unless you burn it. Or the dogs eat it like in A Christmas Story. *snort* It still cracks me up to see 'em eating duck and singing "deck the halls with christmas horry!" That movie says volumes about how we Americans envision the perfect holiday. Where is Norman Rockwell when we need him?????

I'll be at the day job on Thursday along with a whole lot of others. But I WILL have some turkey, mind you. My nurse friend Angie has invited me to partake of the spread being put out over on her floor at the hospital. My long lost brother and his bride will arrive on Friday and we'll stuff ourselves again at Mom and Dad's red log cabin where we grew up. I feel sorry for all those folks who will be gettin' up at the butt crack of dawn to fight the Black Friday crowds. I'm gettin' creative this year instead of buying socks and underwear on sale.

Now all I gotta do is find somebody to kiss on New Year's Eve.

Any takers?
dancin' in the streets kitchen
Still rockin' out to the latest Eagles masterpiece as I prance around the kitchen trying out moves. The old body's out of shape though...presently I have a sore right arm from throwing darts and some bootie pains from shaking it. Ain't no fool like an old fool :) BG is doing her "hell day" at UTM so I've got the place to myself to cook and jam.

Shhh...ya'll don't tell Mama, but I've got her birthday cake in the oven! Remember when she had that horrific wreck on Easter of last year that was her last drive? Um..well. Seems that the other guy involved in the wreck had terminal cancer. Oh, he checked out okay at the ER and all, considering he had one foot in the grave already. Poor soul passed onto glory about two months later. Exactly 11 months and 29 days following the accident his greedy grief stricken daughter lawyered up and filed suit against my sweet mother for one million bucks which promptly got thrown to the insurance company. Now, my mother has a wicked dry sense of humor which we both enjoy. I asked her if she'd be playing her usual Tuesday bridge game on her birthday tomorrow, and she proceeded to tell me it was deposition day for her and she'd be spending her birthday in the dang lawyer's office. Is there no justice in this world!! The esteemed counselor is a friend of our family and fellow church member so she felt comfortable telling him that she expected a cake on her visit. I mean after all, she was missing her 74th birthday bridge game with her girls. Gah.

Guess what will be there in the office when she arrives? Um hmmm...ya'll are quick. Triple chocolate sour cream pound cake with chocolate icing. Those legal eagles will be bouncing off the walls from the sugar high.
pet cemetary
At one time this year, the cat population around here was about 12 or 13..I forget exactly. When the offending young ho kitties and their babies were moved to a dairy barn, that left us with just sick old Bernie. I remember distinctly the day that he showed up on the back doorstep, wet and cold with matted eyes. The ex had been in the hospital for a week following a heart attack so we had all been out of town. The day he came home Bernie decided we looked like nice folks to live with and has been here ever since. That was about eleven years ago, and I don't have a clue how old he was when he got here! He's one of those master camo cats who can hide somewhere and you'll never even notice him until he moves. Favorite spots? On top of the refrigerator, in the towel cabinet and under the Christmas tree.

We knew he was sick...losing weight and snoring like an elephant, but he ate well and seemed to be pretty happy with life. This morning Babygirl woke me up and told me she thought he was dying. And, in fact, he was. I've never ONCE heard him meow in all those years. He was a laid back mellow kind of dude who just passed time watching the world go by and tearing open loaves of bread. Guess he liked the smell. We wrapped him up real warm and held him while he meowed himself into kitty heaven. Then we had the burial out under the redbud tree, two women on a mission with shovels and heavy hearts. She was kind of freaked out...all our pets in the past have either been taken to the vet's office and didn't come back, or just disappeared into nowhere like they do when it's time. "I knew it was coming, but I didn't want to see it happen" she said. Hoo boy. Do I ever know THAT feeling.

This one's for you Bernzie....Enjoy the manna. ^j^
go ahead and fire me
I totally missed the saturday evening post and it was all Suzy's fault. Really! First I signed up for NanoWriMo and quit on day one. Then I went undercover into NaBloPoMo and kept the faith up until day 17. That's when I slipped up and skipped a whole damn day. Got pictures though :)
I'm in the mood for love a big old honkin' ass fire. Conditions seem right what with the recent rains and mucho fallen pecan branches. Those trees are probably a hundred years old or so, providing a canopy for my pleasure on the drive home to Casa Poops. It's time to chop the asparagus bed and add some nitrogen to the fire, if I remember correctly. Raising asparagus is a true lesson in patience. Hell...raising anything is hard if you make the commitment to see it through the seasons of birth and death and new growth.

Been out carousing with my girlfriends this evening up and down Highway 51 South, business route, close to home. The dawgs were waiting for me when I pulled up. Presently, they sleepeth on my bed, dirt and all.

Fixin' to hit the shower.

Ya'll keep the faith ^j^
thursday butt crack blogging
back in the day
Nobody tagged me, but I saw this at Risible Girl and Rick Leonard's places so I thought I'd play along since I have no breaking news about the war on *pick your topic* on the Poop front.

40 years ago I...Was runnerup in the Dyer County spelling bee and already had big boobies in the sixth grade. As a sidenote, I never got past runnerup in any of my numerous attemtpts to win as an ADULT in the charity bees. Spellcheck was invented specifically for me :)

30 years ago I...Was a recent graduate of the UT Center for the Health Sciences and three months into my first..and ONLY job. Don't get me started on that one.

20 years ago I...Was married to a guy who worked 11p-7a, the mother of a three year old and pulling my hair out most of the time trying to arrange schedules. Um..this is also when I went into therapy!

10 years ago I...Was pretty content with life except for the marriage thing. And the 13 year old kid thing. And the work thing.

5 years ago I...Was six months out of the divorce and didn't have a freakin' clue what kind of drama was about to come my way.

1 year ago I...Realized that Sugardaddy is kind of like the tooth fairy, but I keep on believing.

1 month ago I...Broke down and got a real cellphone.

1 week ago I...Spent the day with my family and it felt good.

1 day ago I...Slept for 12 hours which also felt good.

1 hour ago I...Talked to my brother in St. Augustine. Funny story :)

Right now I...Hear Babygirl in the shower getting ready to head off for her statistics class in Ripley.

If my life got any more exciting, I'd have to take a valium, I tell ya.

marvelous monday

The best thing about having to work the weekend is having Monday off on occasion to do productive things sleep like the dead until after ya'll have had lunch. Disclaimer: This doesn't apply to the Pacific Time Zone. Twelve hours is quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

Just came in from the kitchen where I whipped up some homemade chicken tenders and mashed 'taters for the Babygirl. Monday is her longest day going straight from the night job to an all day affair at school an hour away. When I called to tell her what's on the menu, she just said "awwwwww..I've had a terribly bad awful Monday and that'll make it better." Locked her keys in the car and had to get campus security to help her out so she could drive home to eat the feast and rest her body for an hour or two before going BACK to the night job. Thank goodness Thanksgiving break is coming up. Poor thing didn't even realize it until they mentioned it in class today. I've got a lot of respect for that girl.

So..ya'll got your Christmas shopping done yet? *snort* These people who have it all bought and wrapped by Labor Day just crack me up, but I do admire them for planning ahead and all because I am the poster child for not planning ahead on anything. I reckon that comes from flying by the seat of my pants for a lot of years trying to keep the faith and the boat floating. We've had to bail with a bucket on more than one occasion. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger though..right?

I used to cook just to get something out there on the table, but it's pretty much an adventure now that I don't HAVE to do it. If a recipe calls for milk, I use half and half. When there's margarine involved, I substitute real butter. Montreal chicken and steak seasoning and lemon pepper are my best friends. Ditto for olive oil and parmesan. You only live once, says Poops.

The sad thing is that healthy food is expensive so we have a large segment of society living on what's affordable like viennas and ground beef. Fish and fresh vegetables don't fit into the budget of many of America's working class. It's all Dubya's fault if you ask me. I'm just hoping that the Dems will teach a man to fish rather than give him one on his card. We don't need a bit more of that kind of entitlement considering the national debt and my current tax rate as a full time worker. I'm just sayin'.

Ya'll have a Terrific Tuesday. I'll be piled up in the bed with the dawgs until I feel like getting up.


watchin' the fall come in
By some miracle that could only be wrought from the big guy, this autumn has crept in quietly and brilliantly on the tail of the hottest and driest summer we've seen in the Southeast for many years. The timing of the rain and cool snaps has been perfect and I've yet to burn but a few ounces of that expensive propane that Butch delivers on credit, bless his heart. I made it through another hellish weekend that reminded me for the second hundredth time that I'm too old to be runnin' concrete all day....even with good shoes. Time to use my brain a little more and save the feets for dancing :)

So I was headed home awhile ago, not in any particular hurry and enjoying the sights and I wondered to myself why I haven't taken the time to live my life like that..slower and with more appreciation for the little things. Life has taught me that, and it's a very nice place to be, not worrying about outcomes and details. That's what faith brings to a soul, ain't it friends?

As a bonus gift, he parted the clouds just long enough for a glorious sunset. Big old orange ball surrounded by blue and white, sinkin' slowly in the west. Me and dogs chased the view down the hill, Butterbean perched on the console of my car. Faith runs besides it and Sam leads the way like some kind of field commander. Poor thing ain't gonna know what's hit him when the shock collar goes into service. He's got to learn that everybody in a vehicle doesn't *heart* him like I do and will smooth run over his ass in a heartbeat.

And I'll be dang if the Vols didn't manage to beat the Hogs. Hmmmph...wonders never cease, do they orange nation? Go check out this Veteran's Day post by my fellow Tennessee blogger, Randy Neal. It is the purest example of history being passed onto paper from the spoken word of a dying generation that I've read in a long time. OK, then :)

Elections show voters in a `change-oriented mood'

No shit, ya'll.

Don't forget blog church. There is absolutely no excuse other than being laid up at the funeral home.
this picture........

....depicts what I will be doing not very long from now. This day at the sawmill? Totally kicked my old smart ass. Tomorrow? Rinse, lather and repeat. The good thing about early dark is that bedtime at 7PM doesn't seem at all unreasonable. It does, however, make me feel like the middle-aged-single-lady-who-is-tired that I am.

Come on Sugardaddy! I'm sinking fast :)
a dog's life

As I eased the trusty Camry into the parking space at the family owned grocery store that is my daily pit stop, I spotted something that caught my eye. The store is next door to a hotel that rents by the week to crack heads and on the main business route out of town. Most of the customers use their food stamp card but many come because it's easier than going to the mega-giant chain places on the other side of the burg. This store has been a fixture in my life since I was a little kid stopping with my Mama on the way home in the afternoons. The owners are an elderly man and his son who is about my age. They run weekly specials on viennas and bacon and treat everybody with respect in spite of the fact that the crack heads insist on breaking out the door once a month. When I walked in after taking the pic, a man in line at the register beamed as he asked me " Did you get his picture?" I asked him if that was his dog and he proudly replied yes.

Ya'll say hello to Bear :) Don't know about his bite, but his bark is fierce!

I've got the weekend shifts at the day job so I'm being a good smartass and staying in to do laundry and rest my old bones. If I had to use one word to describe Pecan Lane these days it would be golden. Can't remember the last autumn that all the trees changed color in unison so I'm like a kid in a candy store gettin' off on the kaleidoscope. Babygirl now has the dreaded dove flu that kicked my ass for two solid weeks IN ADDITION TO her nice little head bonk. When it rains, it pours, huh? I'm sure you get the drift, but I am so proud of that girl I could bust....and the cool thing she's proud of herself! She works full-time on the graveyard shift and commutes to college an hour away studying for a social work degree. The amazing thing is that she counts her blessings while recounting the hardships of her classmates, like the woman who lives TWO hours away from campus and has two teenagers plus a job.

One last thing. Get thee to WallyWorld and buy this. My favorite track? How Long That'll be my next karaoke number.

Ya'll keep the faith. ^j^

No news here...just the usual get up and go to the day job thing. No SD sightings. Charging up the camera batteries and listening to The Eagles.

It is well with my soul.

the poopie awards
Reporting live from the Carrie Underwood Show CMA Awards here, it's the Poopster with a few comments and notes about the whole deal in spite of an early audio failure from my local ABC station. Somebody worked out the kinks about thirty minutes into the thing, thank goodness. Probably homeland security.

Now onto the awards....

Best performance by two people who kick ass together: Sugarland

Most truly "keepin'the faith" the country rock way: The Eagles

Love their music and never even knew their name: Little Big Town

Daddy sang bass: Josh Turner

Still my favorite redneck: Gretchen Wilson

This one will make it longshot pick: Layne Wrye

Not that I'm a straight up country fan, mind you. Still gotta have my AC/DC on occasion, along with all the other greats of rock like Stevie Ray. I just love it all. Anybody with musical talent ought to, if not flaunt it, use it to make other people happy.

Tonight..I'm a happy camper. And I'm headed out to buy a CD tommorrow. Guess which one?

P.S. George Strait still looks damn good
he who cannot see can feel

That's one of the old wizened sayings that my work buddy the little general throws out on occasion when we see some particularly obnoxious dumbassedness going on. Got it from her mother, June. It is truly wonderful how us girls turn into middle aged versions of our mamas when we least expect it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Got my Mom delivered to the halfway point for her girlfriend leaf peeping trip. And I must say the colors ARE glorious around these parts. I almost ran off the road a few times ogling the scenery. We talked about this and that...got caught up and chatted about the history of the latest dead body at the funeral home. I'll spare you the details but they were racy and quite interesting. That girl knows the history of everybody and their brother. Quite the storyteller. Oh, and by the way...that's a halo you see around her head :)

You see..the thing is, she can't see. Macular degeneration has taken her vision but she was just as happy as a lark to be out and not seeing the wild colors but headed to spend time with her childhood friends. And that. Well,that makes me grin like a cheshire cat. She self-published a cookbook one time compiled from recipes she had gathered from the greatest cooks around. Many of them came to her as submissions to her when she was the food columnist for the local newspaper. Others were family favorites..ours and her friends'. Daddy and his buddy Joe who ran a makeshift print shop did the copying and collating and bound 'em up real nice. People went NUTS over the thing, clamoring to buy a copy. All of the proceeds went to the Dyer County Fair Association, in her true pay it forward fashion.

We've been batting this thing back and forth for a few years about getting the book back into print. Neither one of us has been in the mood to carry such a big project past the dreaming stage. But ya know? It's now or never and we've set Mother's Day as our projected rollout date. We've both cut and added a few until I think the content is just the right mix of old classics and new delights for folks who like to cook and eat. For the ones who don't, they can just lay it on the coffee table all pretty like.

the polar express
As a child I was one of those kids who would run out in the middle of a thunderstorm and dance in the rain, much to my mother's chagrin. My youngest brother is the real weather freak having done several years as a TV weatherman back in the day. While we both have a healthy respect for the power of mother nature, each of us gets a thrill from watching weather patterns, especially when the seasons clash. Such is today on Pecan Lane.

When I got home from work and saw the clouds gathering me and dogs went to the porch with a brew to watch the storm roll in. The temp then was 80. We're down to 64 now with a forecast low tonight of 39! Yikes. Talk about some Canadian air :) He's been living in Virginia for several years and still says that what he misses most about our home base is the potential for storms...right on the Mighty Mississippi smack in the middle of the country. His home in the Blue Ridge area somewhat shields them from turbulent weather, nestled in a valley where the wind usually gets knocked out of a storm before it crosses the mountains. Pretty boring for a weather geek. The night a tornado sneaked past me through the back pasture his wife was the one who called to alert me from her job as TV reporter in Memphis. He covered that entire week of hellish weather as reporter for a Jackson station, huddled in hallways and working around power outages. He and Miss Yvetta will be home Thanksgiving weekend...the first time we've all been in one spot at the same time for eons. And I can't.wait.to.see.us.that.way. Together again as a family.. Lord willing and the creek don't rise ^j^

Talk about some foreshadow action..gah. Remember how Mom got whacked on the head with a flying pencil sharpener and used coffee filters for gauze? Hmmm..well Babygirl had a fall last night at work resulting in a nice laceration on HER forehead..she kinda resembles Frankenstein at the moment. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed that I won't be the last in the string of the infamous three events that follow each other. How in this WORLD can I catch Sugardaddy with a dang big ass cut on my forehead????? On the other hand, I could always be the Mom of Frankenstein :)

Keep the faith, kids. Tommorrow is another day.

one smartass three dogs a fruit drink and a camera
How do I love thee oh November of '07? Let me count the ways. Thanks to global warming, it was another day in shorts and t-shirt roaming around in the Camry gettin' off on the colors. Me and dogs hoofed it down the hill to our favorite spot and they went for a swim. I made 'em run home to shake the water off before they piled up on my expensive ratty furniture. Took a whole bunch of pictures and not many of them were keepers. So it goes.

Had a couple of nice surprises today out there in the b**gosphere. A nice guy and kickass photographer bought me a strawberry "one of those things with rum that i can't spell" and posted it at his place. His pics have inspired me to do more with my artistic side which is a great joy and a nice escape from the day job and all of the bullshit contained in an eight hour day. Corporate America is not very nice to us old timers, if you know what I mean. Dudes haven't even given me my thirty year gold watch. Sheesh. I oughta lawyer up and sue 'em for old people discrimination.

The other smile came from this guy showing back up after an extended absence from my little virtual world. Welcome back Follow That Snowball! Just for the record, I was pulling for the Rockies all the way through game five of the shutout. I'm a sucker for the underdog like that. Always have been.

Me and Mom are taking a road trip in a couple of days so she can hook up with her old friends for their fall retreat at Pickwick. Poor thing got knocked in the head with a falling pencil sharpener when she was volunteering as an ICU hostess the other day. When she felt the blood dripping off of her forehead she grabbed the closest thing she could find to slap over the site of said bleeding. Thank goodness the coffee filters for worried families haven't been cut out of the budget yet! That would just be WRONG on so many levels not to have coffee when you're on a worrisome 24/7 vigil. Not to worry...there's a bit of a bruise behind that dermabond and steristrips but she's still running the world from her recliner. Thanks ER staff. Sometimes it's the little things that count the most.

Is it just me or did it get dark like really really EARLY today? I see lots of early nights in flannel with a good book coming up. And that ain't a bad thing, by any means.

Ya'll keep the faith. ^j^

Ya'll ever experince a day when the weather is just right temp and humidity wise so that you can wear shorts and not freeze and do shit stuff outside and not sweat? That was my day in a nutshell. Luckily somebody from the day job called and woke me up before I slept much of the gloriousness of it away. *Of course* the redneck riding mower with no top on it wouldn't start so I struck out with the old reliable push one from WallyWorld to tame the tall grasses that were threatening to take over this old house. Mission accomplished, mostly. I even got jiggy and pulled out the loppers for some inspired pruning. Great stress relief.

Driving down Pecan Lane is like Disneyworld these days with all the colors backlit by the sun. Sometimes I just stop the car and look at the beauty, soaking it all in like I haven't seen it for nineteen straight autumns. What a blessing. More and more, it's good to be the Poopster.

I tend to lay up in the bed on my weekends off yet I am quite a spiritual person so I was tickled to find that Reverand Jamie Dawn has started blog church over at her place. It's good to attend church in your jammies :) Her Sunday sermons are just the right addition to my routine of reading the Upper Room (large print edition, yes) and referring to the duct tape covered bible that BG gave me for Mother's Day long ago. She is also crusading to make hitonious a word. I vote for that!

I guess I really DO think too much, but I've been wondering all day how Windows knows that Congress changed the dates on Daylight Savings Time this year. The cynic in me wants to think that Bill Gates is big brother. I sure hope the folks in Seattle enjoy my redneck smartass perspective on life in the USA as a middle aged single woman.

Gotta go. Faith just cut and ran barking to high heaven. I think she heard some coyotes.

don't ask
rabbit! rabbit!

Day 1 and two pep talks into NanoWriMo '07 and I'm already out. Sucks to be the less than ambitious Poops. I WILL however, promise to post here every day during this month only because the hunt for Sugardaddy has been less than promising so I'm back to the keyboard, camera, kitchen and dawgs for entertainment. I've just about figured out this writing thing, you see. Everybody has stories to tell...things they remember and feel like talking about. Lots of "i don't think i'd have told that" moments. The trick is to find somebody who has lots of spare time to do the word crafting and hand it over to them to make it more exciting and stuff like what people will pay to buy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Then you get rich and move to Fiji and get reincarcerated. No wait! I think I said that wrong. Sorry Hoss :)

I have read so many good words from those of you who take the time to write them that I couldn't even begin to imagine being the editor and keeper of the faith to people who presume to write books that folks actually pay to read. I know what makes me laugh and cry and get pissed off when the words come tumbling off the page through my dollar store glasses and into my brain. I know what images and tunes make me happy or sad, sometimes not until I experience them for the very first time in a rush of spontaneous gratification for the beauty of it all.

Been workin' on a wish list just because I can. There are about 13 things on it and you can feel free to send me any one of them at your leisure and when PayPal allows.

warm quilt

weedeater *woot*


sexy cinnamon by Trapp

athena's "fruit of the spirit" bracelet

peace on earth

godiva chocolate

NO fruitcakes

cottonseed hull

leadership for our country

mary engelbreit..anytime,anyhow,anywhere

weekly massages

continuing faith

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