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livin' on the edge
A three day weekend for the old Poopster! Do I hear an amen, kids? Had me a big fat job interview lined up for tomorrow but suddenly changed my mind when I thought about the whole thing in a realistic frame of mind. Why trade 30 years of loyal service for more of the same? What I would like to experience in my golden midlife years has nothing to do with kissin' corporate ass. Not sure quite yet what it DOES have to do with, but I have faith that it will become apparent over time.

There's a crew coming into Casa Poops next week to do the floors so we're packing things up gettin' ready to move into the next chapter of life on Pecan Lane old house, big yard, dogs and all. Heck...we might even have a party and burn shit when it's done. You're invited, of course. BYOB

There is so much history here that it blows my mind. Every day I run into or talk to someone who has ties to to this parcel of land that is my homeplace. My greatest fear is that the owners will get money hungry and chop it up into lots for development. That would be the end of the wildlife and the history. As I was headed to the sawmill before dawn this morning, big old shiny eyes stood smack in the middle of the lane facing the bird poop smattered Camry, so I backed up to get a better look at the deer family over in the hay field. They pass through from the thicket on the right to the woods at the left feeding on winter wheat and doing what comes naturally.

It's all good. ^j^
diva alert
Diva and Punkin have been absent from Troy Avenue for the past week or so and I was seriously worried that she might have fled the country in fear of John McCain becoming president. Not.To.Worry. They were spotted this afternoon in front of the apartment sans music. When I saw 'em I cruised on by and went around the block to pass through for a shot. There was no traffic behind me so I slowed down a bit with the window rolled down and the camera in hand. Diva had her back to the street...just as she had when I came by the first time. I suppose she sensed that someone was watching because she turned just slightly toward me and I almost ran OFF the freaking road. Poor old Punkin just stood there on the leash enjoying being outside away from crazy Grandma with the umbrella. I was so excited I pushed the wrong damn button and missed the shot. Next time I'll have to get a designated driver so I can catch her in action. Ya'll won't believe it. BG's friend Anna said she and another girl saw her all done up in fishnet stockings and her robe hiked up where you could see her buttcrack. Bless her heart.

the price of beans
Still in shock here ya'll. I haven't filled the Camry up to F for over a year now and decided that today looked like a good time to let 'er rip. The total was just a few cents shy of fifty bucks. Oh.My.God. Thank goodness I have a well paying job to afford me the privilege of driving to the sawmill and back from Pecan Lane. I think I'll ask the city council to run a tram service out my way. If I know me, and I think I do, I'd miss it nine times out of ten. Of course I could just get a bike like a couple of my neighbors did and pedal to town. Decisions, decisions.

Front page news today is interesting, all things considered. This guy who went on a drug fueled shooting rampage several years ago killing three people has lawyered up to retract his admission of guilt and blame the public defender's office for his ass sitting in jail. Insanity? You betcha'. Post conviction relief? I think not. Competent? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

In other news, Poops has a day off to rest after the long weekend. I hope it snows all over the sticks and stones and budding buttercups that are my big old yard. If we hurry there might be a snowman :)

Lily is having a damn hissy fit because BG has been gone all day to school at Martin. She loves to sit on my left shoulder and get her motor runnin' in my ear before she jumps off and chases the arrow on the screen. Which is where we are right now.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

...and so it goes
The Vols beat the Tigers in a fist clenching match that epitomized the joys of a great game of roundball. Well done by both teams! I haven't talked to Daddy today, but I'm sure he's pleased. He's an old Vols fan from way back when who hung his head in shame for the entire year that I attended Memphis State. I was granted absolution ONLY when I graduated from UT Memphis the next year.

Seeing as how I'm a great fan of peace and love and rock'n'roll, imagine my chagrin when I discovered that an upcoming Jackson Browne acoustic concert at the Ryman in Nashville was sold out before I ever heard about it. When I did a bit of "drilling down" I stumbled upon this organization that works with artists who are more active in the pursuit of social and environmental change and less about the almighty dollar in their own pockets. How refreshing in this day and age where Ticketmaster calls the shots and hikes up the prices. Yeah..I know. I'm an old hippie and that spirit never dies. Pass the tie dye and let's have a group hug!

I haven't see a single film up for an Academy Award so it would be a waste of time for me to watch the show except for a bonus opportunity to see Jon Stewart. The folks at DirecTV probably think we've got multiple personalities around here when they try to peg our viewing habits. Prime time ain't our cup of tea unless it's The Simpsons or Last Comic Standing. Occasionally there's a brief sojourn to the history and food channels and I must have a regular fix of sexy Mike on Dirty Jobs. I really should get out more.

For those of you in more temperate climates, I ask this...does the sun still shine? We haven't seen it for more than a few hours in what seems like months years. This too shall pass, right???

It's looking like an early to bed night with a side of flannel so I will leave you with words of wisdom from one of my favorite people:

"Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the
morning, Satan shudders & says..."Oh no....she's awake!!
" Yaya
p harmony
Most of Babygirl's best childhood friends either already have kids or there's one in the oven. At Lori's shower today there were kids freakin' everywhere wanting their mamas or grannies but venturing out to join in the festivities. We loved every minute of it and made a pact not to have babies for several more years. By the time she's ready, I will be too I reckon.

It's early still, but the Tigers are ahead of the Vols and have been due to their extreme power of the three. Doubt I'll make it all the way through because it's a school work night and 5AM comes early. Mama is running interference with Daddy, watching and listening and reporting the score to him in another room where he has sequestered himself for the duration. Poor thing can't stand to watch because he gets his man panties all in a wad and might have a stroke or something. We can't have that right here before planting season. I'm countin' on him for a garden consult when digging time comes. No signs of asparagus tips yet, but there will be pretty soon.

Sam has already chewed a hole in my new quilt, damn his puppy ass. He got a swat on the behind and looked shocked that I might dare to discipline him. Don't mess with the new stuff is all I have to say, dog. My money don't grow on trees. Of course he still got to sleep under the covers with me.

I see these commercials on the teevee all the time about dating services and wonder what all that is about. I think I'll work some overtime so I can find me a Sugardaddy online...I hear it's pricey, though. That would mean propane guy and beer guy and nursery guy wouldn't get THEIR share of the pie so maybe I should just wait for fate to hook me up with true love. Ya think?

Gotta run...it's a tie game.

Usually ladies night at the kudzu bar is powered by the jukebox. Yesterday when we arrived the Lizard Rum Band was there warming up for their return gig. They had played a few weeks ago and there was all sorts of drama when Bev asked the bass player to back off on his volume so you could hear the rest of the band. Dude got all pissy and quit right there on the spot and the poor remaining Rum Lizards had to finish up bass-less. Last night's performance was donated to "redeem themselves" and they did a fine job. With a NEW bass player who learned all the songs in a few short weeks. And yes...we shook our tail feathers.

I splurged on myself today and bought a new quilt and sheets for my the dogs' bed. Sometimes you just gotta. I also shelled out close to two hundred bucks to the nice lawnmower man for servicing my two trusty machines...one push and one rider. It will be worth it to able to get out there at it when the weather turns warm. Usually I'm scrambling to get the damn things started when the grass is already knee high. It's a big old chunk of yard for one old gal to manage but I do my best, and actually enjoy it until the temperature tops 90 and that blasted humidity kicks in. The better to grow a garden by, though. Ya'll will be jealous when we're having fried green 'maters on Pecan Lane.

We are slowly but surely collecting contact information on the 200 plus members of the DHS Class of '73 for our October reunion. Thirty five years later we have lost a large number of them, including several since the last gathering five years ago. Email and tools like Plaxo have streamlined a process that was once very labor intensive just to find folks.

For all of you basketball fans out there, hold onto your hats tomorrow night when the #1 ranked U of M Tigers meet the UT Vols in Memphis. The rivalry is fierce and this is is gonna be BIG ya'll. I overheard one guy say that he sold his two fifty dollar tickets for a thousand big ones. Sheesh!

I'll be at the salt mine this weekend so if you need a lab test give me a holla. Over and out from the Poopster.

bad flashback
Musically speaking, the sixties were a decade of distinct genres of music and there were very few "cross over" artists like today. You had your Elvis and your country and your "will you wear my ring and letter jacket" stuff dominating the airwaves. A few dance and swoon tunes and a truckload of R&B. And then there was what I was raised up on...classic rock. Never in my wildest dream as an idiot teenager did I dream that Poco, Blind Faith or Cream members would disband and disperse on the way to their respective solo careers. Hey..I was thirteen and it was 1969 ya'll. I suppose that's why watching sixties week on American Idol has been kind of like one of those nights I crossed the line and got groovy with the older kids then lost consciousness. Maybe it's how they weed out the really talented ones, huh? Anybody who can sing one from that era with a fresh twist deserves to be an idol. Like that last chick who did the one my grandmother used to listen to. Yeah, baby and yo dog.

George's funeral was a real tribute to his life and I learned a lot about the man that I knew casually as the joy of my friend Sue's life. He was an Air Force man like my Daddy for the entirety of his career ending it with a job as safety co-ordinator for the Air Guard in his area prior to his retirement three years ago. Throughout his celebration, the central theme was service to America and the joys of family and golf, not in any particular order mind you. His baby grandchild Kate does a mean Hannah Montana imitation, as demonstrated at the funeral food table. Precious.beyond.words.

On a lighter note, there is an urgent reason for me not to chase dust bunnies on the hardwood (as if I need a reason). Floor guy and Dad are talkin' and I don't have to do a thing until the new stuff is installed. If somebody lifts that stuff up a hundred years from now and sees that my floors were dirty I don't give a rat's ass. My focus will be keeping the top clean :)

More icy stuff on the way for the Poop family unless we manage to dodge the bullet. Personally, I'm not worried because I have two days off and plenty of bread and milk. And a sore throat. To steal a line word from my mostly risible friend *meh* I have photographic evidence of a cosmic sign from Big Ernie as to what my near future holds. See below: Exhibits A,B and C.

And then there's D who is forevermore up in my grill chasing the mouse.

Ya'll stay warm and sleep good. Don't let the bed bugs bite ^j^
get a life
Sometime during the night one of the dogs decided they needed to go out and bark at the moon or something. When I hear the scratchin' on the front door I haul my butt out from under the covers to open the door. There's a big old honkin' security light out in the trees to protect us. I was about to shut the door and stumble back to bed when I noticed the snow falling in its' glow. Standing there in my jammies gawking at the wonder, I felt like a kid again..somehow expecting a magical snow day to stay home from school with Annie or Margaret and worry the hell out of whomever got the pleasure of tending to the brood. It was still there when I left for work, but melted during the warmth of the day.

My friend Dak always tells me to "get a life" whenever I call Yaya and he's within hearing distance. He and I share a total disdain for the Bush administration. Dude has this magnetic bumper sticker with the date of the 2009 inauguration. Bush's Last Day. It fell off in the carwash one time but she managed to pick it out of the soap suds and slap it back on his bumper. True freakin' love if I ever saw it.

George's funeral is tomorrow. We will be there come rain or shine because that is what friends do. My plan is to wear the scrubs that I go work in prior to and pray for his family to find some peace. He's already playing a heavenly golf game watching them sort through stuff on their way to the next chapter of their lives. Too bad he didn't get to meet Hoss when we stopped by their store with his oxygen tank a couple of years ago. They would have loved each other at first sight.

We've had all sorts of strange men around here measuring floors and pickin' up lawnmowers and such. When you don't got a honey to "do", you hire-a-fella to do it for you and then don't have to listen to him snore or fart. That lifestyle has its' moments of glory. I'm just trying to figure out how many pies and pots of white beans it will take to pay them off and keep Tony Soprano at bay.

Beeper #2 sits on my desk as I type because I forgot to take it out of my pocket when I left the day job. That's how our phlebotomists get requests from other parts of the hospital for blood draws and today I was one of 'em. You have to be a fairly young energetic type of chick to do that type of work but fortunately I got to stay at mission control to deal with outpatients and shuffle paper. There ARE perks for being an old timer with bad feet. Not to worry! The usual face will be back at her desk in the morning, fresh from a marriage retreat and ready to catch that pneumatic tube!

More later as the story develops.

in the blink of an eye

One of my dearest friends became a widow during the wee hours of this morning. Unexpectedly....the love of her life and husband of forty plus years was gone leaving behind a grieving wife, three children and their children to pick up the pieces that were his life. Time to drag out the solitary funeral outfit , and with a very heavy heart, I might add. Ironically, this particular friend worked in my place so that I could attend my uncle's service two weeks ago.

This past weekend's marathon girlfriend-fest was, in part, to keep another dear one's spirits up after she was "let go" from her job. Unexpectedly, of course. After listening to the evidence it sounds a whole lot like a bunch of girls with junior high mentalities decided that when the corporate move was made, they'd be damn sure she didn't go with 'em. When I asked her who she trusted there, her reply was "nobody." There's got to be a better way to make a life for oneself and I feel sure she will find it.

I sat through another marathon yada yada meeting at work today where one particular young PharmD doesn't realize that the sound of her own voice doesn't thrill the old-timers as much as it does her own self. Me? I just file my report with the powers that be and sleep through listen to the diatribe trying to act interested in medication errors and formulary changes. I trend things, of course. But the fact is we keep a pretty tight rein on the blood supply and don't tolerate waste or errors. The stuff is too hard to come by and given with love.

Previously on Poop Happens: There was mention of feelings of drastic change about to come. I still have that feeling and I am waiting and watching for signs like Mahala to see what course my future will take. Something about George's death has smacked me in my smart ass to the point that I'm about ready to jump.

And the faithful part about the whole deal? I believe that there will be somebody there to catch me.


winding down
Over the course of the past few days I've had a big fat shot of girlfriend power just by chance ;) Old friends and new ones have crossed my path and made me laugh. Big time. Each of us is facing something that is often tough but mostly joyful..our lives. Several have broken hearts..some are comfortable with long time partners. Or, at least they've figured out a way to meet 'em in the middle. There are a kazillion kids amongst us and work sucks sometimes. We have fun together and that's what counts when it's down to the nut cutting. Right YaYa?

We had lots of rain last night and today with more on the way. Sounds like good water for Quapaw to explore the Forked Deer next month. I'm damn near dying to plant something ya'll! There's stuff piled up wishing for dirt by the front door. Yes. I'm THAT way. If I ever buy any chickens though, call my Mama. She knows the story.

Babygirl and I cooked burgers and talked politics a little bit ago. We're both a little scared but faithful at the same time, ya know? It really doesn't matter who the president is because change begins on the lowest rungs of the government ladder. I told her about a friend of mine who's writing himself in against the incumbent. Hey...if Colbert can do it, so can Fletch.

It's hot bath time kiddos. See you at the salt mine.

frogs dawgs and ladybugs

The first sure sign of spring is when the froggy chorus cranks up and they're going full force around here. I ADORE that sound. The ladybug invasion has begun as well. I don't know how those critters manage to get in, but they've been known to cover the ceiling at times. It's been a lazy sort of day with me (of course) sleeping past noon. If there's ever an olympic sleeping competition, ya'll can be sure I'll be a contender for a medal. I just do what it takes to get rested these days, and a twelve hour nap will usually cure what ails me. If the first one doesn't do it, rinse lather and repeat.

I took the picture one morning this week on the way to work as I passed by the dairy barn where the hay is stored. Bubba comes out early most days and tends to the cows and tractor type chores. He and Daddy have blended their farming abilities into a nice combination where Daddy can spend more time in the recliner watching Gunsmoke and college basketball and less time rounding up cattle. This afternoon Babygirl and I spotted a calf that had crawled through a hole in the barbed wire to stand on the edge of the ditch. By the time we backed up he had jumped back in with the rest of the herd. Just like a kid seeing what he could get away with!

BG will be going to a legislative conference in Nashville next month with other social work students. Each group of social workers chooses a pending law and does a study on the specifics and the voting. Wonderful experience for those in the field. When she graduates next May, don't be surprised if you hear me hollering WooooooooHoooooo all the way across the country. I feel much more secure about old age knowing that I will have her as my advocate.

Enough about me. What are ya'll up to?
*ramble ramble ramble*

Tardy really should be my middle name, rather than Jane. It's a long standing tradition for me and the BG to be late for family gatherings. Fortunately my youngest brother is even more time impaired than I am so he saves me from being the one everybody waits for. This particular character trait doesn't fit very well into the corporate world for a peon like me where the badge scanner records every minute past the appointed hour for posterity. No exceptions, no excuses. My alarm clock is an el cheapo model from the Dollar General that can be pretty ornery. The first sound I heard this morning was the phone and I was already ten minutes late. Yikes! The one area of my employee evaluation that was less than stellar was the part that concerned punctuality so I lost 1/2% on my generous wage increase that fails to match the rise in insurance premiums pay for performance raise.

How about those LSU gals, huh? Pat Summitt can be one riled up broad when somebody steals her thunder and they flat did it last night. That is precisely what I love about pre-March madness on the court. It's down to the nut cuttin', as Yaya would say. Or hair pulling. Whatever gender applies :)

The smart(ass) photographer who comes around here sometimes turned me on to Eva Cassidy, and I truly can't get enough of her voice these days. It's beautiful and soothing and soulful, which is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I see big changes ahead and need to be centered.

Mama and Daddy honored me on their anniversary with a beautiful lavender calla lily and some homemade heart cookies. Babygirl got sparkly daisies. The one card that I got in the mail is shown above. Looks just like us.......

Friday afternoon roll call is complete and we're all present. Two women, three dogs and a spoiled rotten cat. You couldn't blow us out of our little haven with a stick of dynamite tonight. If you need to see us, drive on out. Second left from the by-pass at the yard with no limbs.

Peace and love and rock'n'roll kids.
Happy Valentine's Day...and happy anniversary to the best parents a girl could ever have!

one of those days

Exhibit A is the plastic handle that used to be on the outside of the Poopmobile, driver's side. That light wintry mix last night managed to freeze the doors up just enough to require some heavy pulling to get the door open. Gotta get to the day job on time, ya know? Sucker snapped right off in my grimy little hand, just like plastic will do when it's seen seven winters. If I can only hang on for two more, it will all be paid for. God bless all of my employers for the privilege of serving the sick and weary makin' mo money for corporations. Especially the ones that are publicly traded.

There were a couple of bright spots, I must admit. One in particular involved plaid and needles and bare ass. That particular spot might be an idea worth growing. Lord knows, I've kept the faith for years with the idiot. Some guys are just slow to catch on, ya know? Me and the General went up the street to our park and watched the birds play in the snow during our daily adventure. Squirrels were noticably absent..probably over in the graveyard eating roasted pecans.

Today's email brought me some stunning pictures of my 'nother daughter's baby all pimped out for St. Valentine's day. Daddy managed to piss Amy off enough that she cleaned their whole house for free and quit on the spot. Girl...I know that feeling. Tomorrow they will be married for 54 years. I promised Judy I would tell the story of how the evil dentist caused me to miss the huge fiftieth bash up at Reelfoot Lake. It all started with a two week abscess and went downhill from there ending with a root canal. I owe the smile doctor a big fat one for that afternoon in paradise.

My good friend Margaret had a bad day at work and wanted to shoot some pool, so we hooked up the kudzu bar with the LD club. They were busy talking shit so we did the girl thing in the back by the jukebox. A couple of other friends joined us, and none of 'em want me for a partner when I've been up since the buttcrack of dawn. They have to remind me what balls we're shoootin' and that sort of ruins the whole game. We played some kickass music though, and sang a few bars in between their texting sessions.

It's all good, really.

who's in charge here?
We're establishing a new day of the week officially known as "Couch Potato Tuesday". Don't you dare steal my idea or my people will call yours and it won't be pretty. Gotta admit...while the two cookies at lunch seemed like heaven, watching the Okra show with my dogs was damn near orgasmic. Of course it didn't hurt that David Cassidy preceded the Cosby kids and their dad with a groovy dance mix. Ya'll should have seen those soccer moms busting a move. Babygirl got her Ripley class cancelled again this evening due to an invisible wintry mix on the roadways as opposed to tornado scares last week. If the weather holds out, she'll pass English with flying colors and never attend another class.

We are cozy...tucked in, if you will. She has about a year left at home and then she's off to the wild blue yonder of changing the world. We were talkin' earlier about how social change is a process that should be put in place and watched over with faith and flexible boundaries. I despise the term "grow it" in work meetings, but sometimes there's an idea worth growing. A few have to do with practicality and others are just feel good stuff to help make life fun. It's a journey *wink*

This damn election is wearing me out. That Republicans are getting as much attention as they have AS A GROUP force to be reckoned with is very disheartening to me considering what has transpired during the past four years. Ron Paul caught my attention early on with his fiscal policy but lost me with the pro-choice thing. I plan on retrieving my Edwards ballot from cyberspace and voting for Hoss. Whadda'ya think? His running mate would probably be somebody like Howard Stern or Martha Stewart. We'll work on the cabinet later. And the supreme court.

There are times in your life when you just want to stop and appreciate little pleasures, and that's what we're doing right now. It's cold and wet out there but we're warm and happy and watching Luci and Desi on DVD waiting for Hollywood to come on the teevee. I cooked last night so it's break time.

For some reason, my mind is on the war much more these days. I guess the election is responsible for some of it, but a lot has to do with regular dispatches from this reporter who has been following the conflict on terror war. His photographs have shown me the human side of those who are serving and the people they have befriended in a foreign land. It's turned into a long term commitment for folks who believe in our country, either now or the way it was back in the day. Old school. I don't watch the body count anymore like Alan did in the first few years. When somebody in a car hit him on his bicycle, my faith went out the window. Dude came back though :)

When I was a virgin b**gger I met Rose up in Philly. She has a daughter who's allergic to every damn thing and she loves to go dancing in her spare time. Rose did a couple of tarot spreads for me back when things were particularly bleak here on the lane. She was pretty much right on, too.

If you need me, I'll be in the tub soaking.
cheap sunglasses

^j^ Is it just me, or do weekends vaporize into Monday? Such is corporate America, land that we love. The local rag reported on caucus results for Dyer County dems. Looks like Hillary is ahead with our local delegation. Ya think? I just learned this weekend about the "superdelegate" thing which is a bunch of hogwash if you ask me. Okay, so I wasn't a political science major. Sue me.

^j^ We're all excited around Casa Poops because there's some new flooring in our future...WOOT! And the bills are current too, bless our hearts. We will continue to take donations for the "summer of 08 stay cool fund ". It's a major ordeal here, if you know what I mean. The humidity sucks big time. Not to worry though...it's cold as shit right now except out there next to fire #2 in the front yard. Lots'o'limbs down folks.

^j^ Went up to the kudzu bar Saturday night and the talent was so thin I headed back to Pecan Lane to cuddle up with the dawgs. I burned the pile with the Christmas tree on top of it and managed not to singe anything else so it's all good. We slept a solid 12 and SammyD didn't even pee on the dining room floor once He's almost a year old now, bless his heart. I sincerely hope that he survives eating cat poop to see his next birthday. Ya'll know I starve 'em, right?

^j^ Lean Cuisine and purple hull peas go well together. I'm just saying.

^j^ No, big sexy up there isn't Sugardaddy. It's just Catfish pretending to be ZZ Top and coming mighty close, I should add. I would tell ya'll about how he shook that big butt on the dance floor with Bev but that was one of those "you had to be there" experiences.

^j^ Watched the Grammies yesterday evening to get my rock star fix. I was lost as a goose with the top dogs this year. I did, however, get a glimpse of Joe Walsh sittin' there looking cute as ever so it was worth listening to the Foo Fighters and what's her name. Can't wait to see American Idol from Hollywood tomorrow!

^j^ The owner of this outfit is coming to the 'burg next month to do some river exploration and, if he doesn't stand me up, we have a date to meet in person so I can take his picture and pick his brain.

Smile kids. The worst part of Monday is over :)
the big tease

My cabin fever got a big dose of 60 degrees and sunny today so I reckon I'll make it until spring. This out-of-shape ass picked up limbs and threw 'em on the pile(s) that are waiting to be burned whenever the wind dies down. There are now five dead pine trees on the edge of my yard begging to be cut down and put out of their misery. A mysterious pine tree virus??? Nah. Some of you may remember that I caught the pasture on fire two years ago in November while I was burning off the asparagus bed. Uh..yeah. It seems that their little pine tree roots got fried before me and my visiting friend from Texas managed to get the thing under control with rakes and frantic middle aged woman stomping. THAT was a sight to behold. For a few minutes there, I was convinced the entire 1100 acres would burn clean up to the riverbanks. Big Ernie looks after idiots who play with fire.


Back in the day when I was a young woman control freak, everything had to match, like in a set. You got florals on the comforter, by golly the curtains better have the same picture. Like I said...I was young. It wasn't until I became a single gal that the beauty of blending became a very attractive way of preserving my life and making a home.

These days the colors look pretty together but nothing is in a set except for some family china. The whole rest of the place is a hodge podge of dust bunnies and favorite things that make me smile when I see 'em. Strategically placed pieces of my past and present greet me in every room of this old house. Can you tell I'm content? Presently the sheets are on my bed for the first time in a week and..you guessed it. They don't match. Sam loves to chew on the bedcovers and dissect what's there so I'm down to about two sheets and a few holey blankets. Time for a JC Penney run.

Today I bought some angels with wire wings that inspire me to keep the faith. The Pink Ladies sell them in the gift shop at a discount for employees, God love 'em. Everytime I go in that place I expect to see Gaga perched on a stool running the world like the queen that she was. She was working as a 3-11 admissions clerk in the ER when I started 30 years ago and moved seamlessly from mandatory retirement to volunteer work. My parents still do the same thing. I reckon I will too if SugarDaddy ever shows his happy butt up.

I ain't holding my breath.
Notes from tornado alley

Right before the first wave of storms moved in (from south to north, by the way..which ain't natural) Daddy called and said that he and Mama were headed up our way just in case a quick dive into the basement became necessary. That didn't happen, thank goodness. They went back home after it passed and Babygirl and I went undercover when the second round passed through about 10PM. Blessed again, it was over by the time she went to work at 11. I snapped a couple of pics when the 'rents were here...Mom and Faith waitin' out the storm and Lily cat climbing up my Daddy's boot while Sam vies for attention. It's a freaking zoo around here. And I love every minute of it.

The closest severe damage landed in Jackson, about 45 miles away where the dorms at Union University were obliterated and fortunately nobody was killed. Students were trapped in the debris for some time until rescue workers could dig them out. Others in various points in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississipi and Kentucky were killed. A lot of them. If you have ever seen first hand the magnitude of the damage that a tornado can cause, you are fortunate. The scene literally looks like a bomb was dropped and it blew the hell out of everything around. I've seen a lot of the aftermaths and helped to clean them up, as much as can be done. The latest was just a couple of years ago when 12 people were killed in our county. The randomness of the whole thing is what amazes me the most. One house can be standing while the one next to it has nothing left but a slab.

Thanks to all of you for thinking of me. You'll never know how much that means.

i'm okay
Many others are not. It was one fierce line of storms with a lot of deaths. More later. Thanks for asking Vicki :)
throw me some beads!!!

Happy Fat/Super/tornadic Tuesday to you and yours. The approaching storm front has me concerned enough to buy a flashlight and batteries for the radio in case I dive into the basement. We're pretty skittish around these parts considering how many times tornados have come across the Mighty Mississippi and demolished our towns in the past few years. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sometime in October I will become Aunt Poopie for the first time! That's right...my youngest brother and his wife are expecting their first child up in the mountains of Virginia. BabyGirl has often lamented the fact that she is the only grandchild with no cousins around. Now, at the age of 24, she'll have one at last. We.are.ecstatic. I just wish Virginia wasn't 13 hours away *sigh*

I noticed a big old bolt stuck in my right front tire this weekend so this morning was take-care-of-the-car day. Karma was with me and it was fixable, so I spent the money I saved on an oil change and I'm good to go. When I stopped by the feed store to get some sunflower seed, I spotted this kitty passing time on the hay bales out front. The guy inside said he didn't belong to them, but to the book and record store shop next door. It's called Samkat's....heh.

Thanks to Kenju, Diva's little dog is now named Punkin :) They were taking their daily jaunt when I went by earlier, only Diva was carrying Punkin. I reckon he was too tired to walk and she wasn't in the mood for a song. Just a silent march toward town and back.
the wild bunch
Me and a handful of DHS Class of '73 members met at a local bar'n'grill this afternoon and picked a date over appetizers and beer. It's so funny(sometimes haha) to look at us now, 35 years later and all the things we've lived through. Sheesh..we should write a book. Sittin' here listening to Long Road Out of Eden and waiting for the weather to hit tomorrow, I marvel at the fact that so many of us are still alive and kicking. And still able to laugh at all of it. I think that's a gift that comes with age...a survival technique or sorts where you put the bad stuff to rest and dwell on the high points. Because, after all. Life is short.

Tomorrow is also Super Tuesday for those of ya'll who are calendar impaired. At this point, I'm not real thrilled with either party or how their campaigns are being conducted. Huckabee preached at the megaginormoushitonious Southern Baptist church in Memphis yesterday. 'Nuf said on the GOP. As for the Dems, they need to shut the f**k up with the petty bickering and concentrate on giving us "special children some hope for the future. If not, we'll vote for McCain and Paul as the lesser of the two.

I didn't see Diva out singing today so I guess she was concerned with how the high winds might mess up her sound or something. One day I was passin' through and I spotted her over by the church with this little old lady following her. I figure it's her Mama and they live together. Mom had on a raincoat and was carrying an umbrella, which caught my attention. Because it was sunny. It had rained that morning but was now clear as a bell, bless her heart. At least she got to see the sight of her DivaGirl singin' her way up Troy in a miniskirt and boots with the dog in tow. I wonder what that little dog's name is?

My Mama is hosting the bridge club tomorrow, also. Daddy asked that I volunteer to put 'em up in my basement if the weather gets bad. He and Mom usually get in the bathtub when there's a warning, but he didn't think 8 women and him could fit. *snicker* Gotta love 'em. Fifty four years on Valentine's Day. Remind me to tell you the story about how the dentist caused me to miss their fiftieth celebration.

As Jerry would say, have a terrific Tuesday. ^j^
the poopie jane halftime report
We're having a private Superbowl party here at the house tonight. I managed to sit through an entire half of EliBrady mania just to see Tom Petty perform. What a devoted football rock fan I am. Always will be. Put all those quarterbacks in a sack and shake 'em up and, well. They all come out the same. I'm just saying.

Just in case you're considering an impromptu visit to the 'burg, don't come unless you've had your flu shot. We do this little test on people up at the day job where a respiratory therapist forces saline into your nasal cavity and then we check what's left over for flu antigens. Ya'll would be shocked at the number of folks that came to our ER over the past three days just for that privilege. No strep. Very little RSV. 100% influenza A. I gotta wonder where these particular people were when the injections were being handed out back in the fall. Guess they couldn't afford them.

I caught a few minutes of Hillary sounding off in a debate on healthcare a few minutes ago. She was speaking on the need for a seamless electronic medical record to cut down on waste and help us be more efficient in the delivery of services. This is a very doable thing with all of the technology available, yet it hasn't happened. Perhaps the Gates foundation could make a donation toward that end. Hillary didn't say exactly HOW it would happen so I surfed on to the next interesting channel. The healthcare industry is very territorial, much like all other businesses. Everybody wants to be their own boss, especially doctors who think they're Big Ernie. So they align with whatever company promises them the moon and pimps 'em out to the community. Or they don't. Such is the case in my little world. What I would give to meet one without an ego the size of the World Trade Center and a stay-at-home wife to spend the money. Makes.me.sick. And there's no vaccine for that kind of crap.

More inclement weather on the way tomorrow. When I hear the tornado siren, I'll bend over and kiss my ass goodbye. Otherwise, I'll be sleeping in and generally enjoying a day all to myself. If you need me...leave a message at the beep.

rabbit! Rabbit!
Photo by Jacob Dingel for the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

No, wait..that was yesterday. And I missed it again! No wonder I never have good luck *sigh* Today is the day we all go out hunting this little guy to see if he left Easter eggs. Or something like that. I didn't find any candy eggs or chocolate hearts, but I did see lots of shadows when I walked the yard after work so I can only assume that the resident Pecan Lane groundhog saw his too. Rats. I sure was lookin' forward to six weeks of weather like we've got today. High around 60 and just right for porch sitting and bird watching.

Mostly I just listen to the quiet, with wind blowing through the pines as the dominant theme. Lily cat came out with me for a few minutes until the mischievous Sammy D chased her under the porch steps. Butterbean spotted a dove and ran it up the nearest tree...twice. Like, duh. And guess what else?? There are tiny little green leaves poking up through the soil where the crocus will be shortly. The finches are tearing up the thistle seed, though not yet the gold ones. I did mention I've got cabin fever didn't I? If it ain't gonna snow and be pretty, I say to hell with winter.

As days at the sawmill go, I've seen much worse than this one so I won't complain. Shifts around there have turned into a steady stream of hustle and bustle on your feet all day and barely time to eat. The emergency room stays packed 24/7, mostly with people who shouldn't be there. It's a universal problem in hospitals today. And I'm gettin' just a tad bit too old for it.

Gee...I almost forgot about the national holiday Monday. Aww..you know. The day AFTER the Super Bowl. Heh. Ya'll better be laid out in a casket if you're calling in on that one. I won't have to because I'm already off. So there.

Keep the faith kids. It's all we've got in the long run.

TGIF ya'll
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