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slow boat to figi
I think I've said just about all there is to say here ^j^
baptized by fire
As if on cue for the season, our breakroom conversations at the sawmill have taken a distinct turn toward the spiritual side of things this week. Hours have been cut with all of the chaos involved therein, so the opportunity to sit and have a meaningful discussion is at a premium. We are Baptist/Methodist/Church of Christ/Pentecostal + many more variations of the Christian church. Our common demoninator is a belief in the eternal easter gift from Big Ernie that came in an tomb rather than a basket full of plastic eggs. I was fascinated to find that several of them had never heard of the ritual of getting ashed on this particular hump day following the big party on the Gulf Coast. Go figure.
* * *
My nephew, whom we shall discreetly call AT, is THE cutest baby I've ever laid eyes on, except for Babygirl, of course. Okay, we'll call it a tie. His long black hair stands straight up in the middle, mohawk style, giving the appearance of a troll doll in overalls with a great big smile, shining blue eyes and a side order of dimples. I miss him already.
* * *
I had every intention of listening to each and every word of President Obama's speech last night but fatigue won out when all the wannabes paraded out to be announced. I did get a kick when Ruth Ginsburg joined the party, looking wise as ever. Radicals just wear my old ass out, no matter which side they're on. Must be the hippie in me.
* * *
Daddy called for a Mylanta pickup this afternoon so I killed two birds with one stone and did a little grocery shopping. As I headed toward the dairy section I spotted an elderly woman intently studying the yogurt and sour cream with a big black smudge on her forehead. I recognized it immediately and realized once again that all you have to do is show up and let the big guy do the rest.

Keep the faith ^j^
little moments
For as long as I live, I will never forget the look of pure bliss on my mother's face when she held her five month old grandson this morning for the first time. He and his mom and dad live in Virginia so this is the first chance they've had to travel to Tennessee with him. The surprised us by being at the restaurant where we showed up for late breakfast after early church. He got passed all around and there were smiles and giggles. Immediately when he landed in mom's lap, he laid his head on her shoulder like he knew he was with grandma at last. That's when my tears started streaming. The nice thing about being a middle aged gal is that you don't care what people think when you do that sort of thing. Heh.

Bubba just stopped by and we went out to bottle feed an orphan calf. The poor little guy held out for a bit while Bubba wrestled him to the ground but once he started bawling I stuck the bottle up in his mouth and away he went. Chow time for his first taste of milk in a month! Just call me cowgirl Poops.

BG and friend spent their morning going through old photos and making a collage and scrapbook for her dad. She handed me one that was taken twenty years ago, a much younger tanner blonder version of who I am today. Her comment was this: "Put this on your dresser and tell youself every day how beautiful you are."

Will do sugar. Will do.

muddy paws and double fried
It is wet and cool and quite dreary here on Pecan Lane. Good day to stay inside and play listening to the rain fall on my newly planted salad. yum.yum. BG is off on a mission to find dresses for a friend's wedding and the other roommate is fixing stuff. Some kind dude at the auto parts place put my new wipers on in the drenching rain. Life is good.

Daddy and I met with his neurologist yesterday and there seemed to be not much change. It appears that having the burden of being "the one in charge" lifted from him has settled him down where he can enjoy life. There's always a blessing, if you look close enough. The new grandboy will pay his first visit in the next few days. Can ya'll just imagine what a hugfest that will be??

We watch the food channel almost 24/7 and experimented the other night with the double fried technique on 'taters. It was fantastic...lots of crunchies.

Talked with my old friend Hoss yesterday and he's still kicking. He kind of forgot who I was until I reminded him about us getting stuck in the mud and me leaving him there to die. *snort*

Peace out. Call 'yo momma. Keep the faith ^j^
my new tub
healthcare for sale or rent
When the word profit entered the picture, you can bet your sweet smartass that humanity went out the window. My career has seen three changes or ownership and I got screwed every time, believing that change is good. The truth is that the worker bee gets the short end of the stick. Loyalty matters not a whit during days when money and political power are on the line. Remember the late great Frist v Schiavo debate? That, my friends, is when I lost the faith in corporate America circa Poopie. So, I'm a slow learner. Sue me.

I chuckle sadly when I read the articles about how american families are going to have to adjust their lifestyles when there is war raging all over our great but fragile little world. People starving and such. Give back your damn luxury car and eat beenie weenies like the rest of us big.fat.stars. All I can say is that I admire the ones who give back, remembering from whence they came. Big Ernie likes that kind of stuff.

In case ya'll can't tell, I'm in a mood and there's no hormones involved whatsoever. I'm past all that, if you know what i mean. There's more of a turning over the tax tables kind of running-Stafford fit brewing and it won't be pretty when it breaks loose.

As Oprah would say "Watch out for the ugly cry."

Peace out.

ok, so the groundhog lied

...like a rug. The wind is howling and there's snow in the forecast for this weekend. That's what I get for buying spinach, broccoli and romaine bedding plants and tilling a garden spot. That's okay, I can wait. Old Poops is patient to a fault.

Today has been a "day for the 'rents" for me. Mom's friend picked her up for lunch and bridge and Daddy and I went to Mary Lou's for greens. Then we picked her up from the bridge club and they both went to the dentist while I did the Kroger thing. It's all in the way you plan things. His appointment with the neurologist was re-scheduled for this Friday due to gale force wind and rain. Still got my list of questions tucked away.

We're in the process of dismantling the history that sits close to the barn. One of the buildings was surely an outhouse at one time, complete with screen window on the back. We're digging through the rubble looking for treasures and saving weathered wood for frames. Then, the big machine will dig a hole and bury the mess.

The other day a good friend shared something that gave me a big shot of faith, which is always appreciated. She told of her small group's discussion of the book of Esther and how I have been Mordecai to her over the years. As a very non-traditional Christian myself, that just gave me the warm fuzzies. Big Ernie must think I'm doing something right!

Ya'll keep warm and look for spring. I just KNOW it's out there somewhere ^j^
stimulate this
Don't look now, but I think we've got a good start on a garden for 09.
the village idiot

Poor Sammy D...he was just sitting there by the back porch and got hot bacon grease thrown on him after breakfast yesterday. BG cried and it was a lot of drama which I'm glad I missed. Ya'll know I don't like theatrics. When I got home from work his front half was still greasy so we headed to the tub with some Dawn and got the job done. Now tell me, isn't that the most handsome man you've ever seen?

Your Sunday is my Friday. I'll be busy sleeping in and playing so leave a message at the beep.

won't you be mine?

Valentine's day just so happens to be my parents' anniversary. As of this one, they've been together for fifty five years, which means that I'll be 54 in a blink of the proverbial eye. But who's counting, right? Certainly not this smartass. I'm just thankful to be above ground for the moment. I'd hate to die a born again virgin.

The sawmill was hopping today with various sick and afflicted folks mixed in with the ones who have no insurance so they show up for every little thing. We are short staffed on weekends so it can get kind of hairy at times. After work I made a crack caffeine free diet coke delivery to Mom and found them visiting with Aunt Kathy and Susan, celebrating over a century of family and devotion. The couples like them who stay together through thick and thin are truly a dying breed. Kinda makes me sad sometimes.

The third roommate had a free day yesterday and gifted us with a Friday homecoming that included a clean house. Worth more than gold, ya'll. Taking the cue, me and the dogs wandered around the yard sniffing the aroma of spring and checking out the daffodil buds. Things are greening up quite nicely in the pasture and fields.

it's hard to be faith
I haven't been up in the kudzu for months so BG and I decided to have some beers on the patio. Faith NEVER leaves unless she's following one of us out and just kinda cuts across to the by-pass where her favorite places are like UPS and Roadhawg Saloon. When we got home she was missing and the other (sometimes) roommate who fixes things was out looking for her. He came home empty handed.

All in the world I wanted to do was put on jammies and lay down to watch The Office but I drug my butt out to the Camry and drove up the road. Went to UPS first and some package loader over there told me he'd seen a dog in the ATT parking lot next door. It's like where they park their trucks and stuff. I eased over that way to find a huge chain link fence with a padlock between me and my beautiful brown eyed girl. There was a number posted for access, so I called and the guy was in Kentucky doing repair work from the ice storm. "Uh..my dog is locked in your lot" I said. Dude said he'd call a local to come out and free Faith from the compound. I parked in the drive and bent over to visit while we waited. She's not one to talk much unless you really work with her, but I heard some really heavy whining, if you know what I mean.

All's well that ends well I suppose..except for Faith. When I got home today, she was on a chain out front. Gotta learn somehow.


I say it every year around this time. "This has been the looooongest winter ever!" And every year, I mean it. I don't like the heat'n'humidity around these parts, but the growing things concept always wins out over my total disgust with sweating through summer in Tennessee. We've survived two weeks of dead winter without heat and we saw some snow and ice. Let's get on with spring, dammmit.

I was visiting with my parents earlier today and we started talking about how they NEVER cussed around us. And bless our hearts, we picked up the naughty words anyway. Go figure. Anyways, imagine my surprise when I heard my dear Aunt Granny let fly with an F bomb one day at the hospital. Somebody was sick or dying or something and she was not patient with the elevator. From that day forward, I knew that we were soul sisters. Shit is my favorite word thanks to an upbringing with George Carlin as a hero. Thus, poop happens.

Love ya. Mean it.

blue on black

Today's weather was not at all user-friendly for a smartass country girl on a mission to her father's neurologist with intent to discuss the joys of next stages of dementia. What with the drenching rain and high winds at sunrise, I decided the day job was a better safer choice for hump day. It is incredibly sad to see someone that you love lose their mind and soul. The blessing of the whole deal is that when you give it up and decide to go with the flow, everything works out as Big Ernie intended.
love has no pride
Ever since the grueling two years spent in therapy, I've not had much of a problem being honest about things...sometimes to a fault. See: previous experiences with men. Finding our way as a "village" with my non-driving parents is an adjustment for all but has been a good experience thus far. Both of them seem to be relieved to have a safe way to get around when they need to, which isn't often. We had already taken over the shopping a few months ago so it's a natural progression of doing what needs to be done one day at a time. It is humbling to see how many folks adore my parents like we do and just want to give back to them in any little way that they can. Daddy and I will be going to see the neurologist tomorrow with an update and some questions. Here's where the pride part comes in..ya know? His is fragile and hanging by a thread right now but it's still there and it will be respected. That's how we roll in mia familia.

Over and out from Pecan Lane ^j^
I had to snicker at this past due notice that the TV robbers sent after my bank kicked their butt and got my money back.

Yeah, I know. I can be a real bitch when you push me far enough.

Ya'll deal with it.

walking man
After Daddy's wreck, I wasted no time in dialing up all interested parties with the news. "What can we do?" was their collective reply. That's faith in action, paid forward. No surprise there, just a great big shoutout to Big Ernie. Bubba took mom and dad to church and I picked them up for a late breakfast at Perkins. We'll visit the neurologist later in the week and get the truck fixed and take it day by day. Truth be told? It's a relief to have a plan and a village to help make it happen.

After breakfast we stopped by the store to get bananas and (caffeine free) diet coke. Mom and I sat in the car while Daddy stood in line behind some gal doing a months worth of shopping on a whim. From the corner of my left eye, a figure appeared shuffling slowly forward, not looking up. As he approached, I recognized him as a guy who graduated in my class. Homeless, he was walking the pavement looking for cigarette butts. His gaze never wavered. I got out and called his name but he never looked up. Just went on his journey north. When I got home, I called Yaya to find out what's up with him. She knows everything about everybody, ya know? A little bit of research confirmed that it was, in fact, him and that alcohol and drugs are the twin demons. I'll spare you our suppositions about why he was at that particular place because it ain't pretty.

Mama said " There's always somebody worse off than you."

Yep. And Amen ^j^

Walking Man - James Taylor
another twist in the road
I got a call from my oldest brother yesterday informing me that the other shoe had dropped. He was out of town on business and Daddy called him and said he'd had a wreck. And left. And gone home. This is second big accident in less than a year crossing the busy by-pass. There will be no more because it's over for him and the truck except for piddling around the farm. Mom hasn't driven in several years due to her eyesight so they're soon to be ferried about by BG, myself and Bubba. I'm seriously considering asking sugardaddy for a cadillac so i can drive them in style to church and their appointments :) As fate would have it, my brother was in a meeting attended by Daddy's doc and he told him what was up. The state will take care of the rest.

There are still many folks in the area without power and the utility crews have filled up every hotel and restaurant for over a week. I stopped by the feed store on the way home to buy some crack get some gardening stuff and thistle seed. This is the same place that bought some of my pecans and they are as tickled as I am to see warmer weather and sunshine. Pecans are STILL falling.

I'm seriously considering a master's degree of some sort...not exactly sure what. It costs so much to get one, you have to weigh options carefully in this economy. Because I still have a job that pays decently, there's no aid. Not at all sure I want to go into debt again when I'm just crawling out.

BG has been in overdrive all week learning defensive postures to use with kickin'screamin'hateful kids at school. Extended time out is her second home! But you know what? She loves every minute of it and that gives me warm fuzzies.

Time to fetch a beer and commence to cleaning the house. I imagine there will be dancing as well.

Have a great weekend and ...well, you know.

good old butch

My most recent hero...the propane guy.
from yesterday's walk in the yard
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