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I left the sawmill this afternoon and called Mama to see if she needed a ride home from ICU duty. She was bored to tears, and took me up on the offer. We swung by and picked up the Babygirl's check and headed toward the hood. An old and dear friend of hers died a couple of days ago and we were talking about the funeral arrangements. That's when she started talking about her own wishes and advising me about the family dynamics that will surely be a part of said event.

We chatted about the china that was sold the the set to be passed on, if and when the BG decides to set up a homeplace somewhere. It was an easy casual conversation about last wishes and honor. It wasn't until I dropped her off at the log cabin that it dawned on me exactly what had been shared and what kind of weight that it carried. About the time I hit Pecan Lane, the tears started flowing. Didn't take long to build up to a full fledged "ugly cry" and all the snot that gets slung along with it. When I saw LP, she immediately gave me a hug and then listened like a true amigo and daughter. "We're in this together, Mom." And she meant it. Faith in action? You bet your ass.

I don't know about ya'll, but this scares the poop out me!
tis the season

Today was a day away from the sawmill but I ended up cruising by there anyway to get a flu shot. In my business, it's as routine as turning the clock back in the fall. Early voting action was brisk when I stopped by there to cast my ballot. We've had our first frost but it wasn't a killer and the afternoons warm up very nicely. My propane tank appreciates that.

Me and Yaya and the Redneck Friend were all together at the kudzu yesterday for the first time in ages. Each of us has our own lives going ninety mph but we do so love gettin' together to trade trash now and then. Hey...it's what friends do.

Reunion '08 is another memory except for the pictures and the bills. Note to committee for future reference: Do NOT schedule a reunion on the 4th Saturday in October ever again. It is a sacred day for UT fans even when they're losing.

In other news, the Mambo King is flying high at the prospect of going to St. Thomas next summer to be a beach bum. Who is he, you might ask? I'll tell ya later. I visited my Mom and Dad today and found them double teaming in the kitchen putting together a frozen salad. She was on the mixer and he was chopping bananas. Organized chaos, and I love every minute of it.

Ya'll watch out for flying brooms and goblins. And keep the faith. ^j^
the pecan man

I don't have a freakin' clue who this guy is, but every year around this time he turns up on his hands and knees under the wild pecan trees seeking his fortune. Many of the trees that line our lane are a hundred years old or more. They overlap up top in such a way that you might think you were in the southern part of France or deep in the bayou. It's a helluva pretty sight to come home to every day.

I promised way back in July not to bitch about the cold when it got here and I won't because I can finally breathe normally again. I don't know what the hell it is around here that chokes me up in October but I'm glad it's almost gone. Probably ragweed and kudzu. Wonder if they have allergy shots for kudzu? The basil and oregano are snug in the kitchen, waiting to be flung on top of my latest culinary experiment.

Still mulling over the Halloween costume. I saw a couple the other night dressed as McCain and Palin and they were dead on. About the only part I've ever played with any sort of conviction was Janis Joplin when I was in high school, complete with velvet dress, granny glasses and a rousing rendition of Mercedes Benz.

"Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz a week on the beach...I'm counting on you Lord....please don't let me down."

dancing with the stars

What has twenty legs and can manage a seventeen minute booty shake to Motown? Why, the DHS Class of '73 dancers, of course! We are mighty, hear us pant :) My 35th class reunion was a barrel of fun and then some. Wish ya'll could have been there.

I've somehow managed to forget that I even HAVE a day job, much less think about it during my time off. I'd call that a successful vacation. Rested? Not a bit. But inspired to keep on trudging through the poop with a little help from my friends.

I've been a non-participant in NaNoWriMo for the past couple of years, but this time the spirit has moved me to ante up. You can read what you like of it at that other place where I write stories, the one that's not in the kudzu.

The weather is gorgeous and waiting to be enjoyed. See ya'll later.

they can kill you

.....but they can't eat you." That's what this nice bank lady said one time when I was having a nuclear meltdown over how I would ever manage to pay back the money that I borrowed from 'em. At that time, they were only one of about ten creditors who were circling like wolves in a sheep field to get their piece of the recently divorced Poops. It's been kind of a blur, but most of them are paid back, even if a little late. Except for the one credit card that took me to court over 1500 bucks. And added legal fees. I won't say who the issuer is but it starts with Capitol and ends with One. Nice job boys. Just couldn't wait your turn, huh?

Now my ex-satellite provider wants to charge me for 17 months of a contract I didn't even know I was in. Never mind that the whole reason I left them is because of their shady billing practices. Starts with a D and ends with a V. I'll pay you for the previous month and that's it. It's always something around here, ya know?

In brighter news, I'm on vacation and the weather is absolutely fantastically gorgeous. I get to see a bunch of old people like myself this weekend that I haven't seen in years and some that I see all the time. Doesn't get much better than that. Note to self: Call Charlie Sheen's buddy sometime tonight. BG is interviewing today for her internship. You go girl.

My friend "2 dogs" turned 39 on Wednesday and she celebrated for two days. Last night we all met at the kudzu and wished her well danced our butts off on the stage. It's a girlfriend/birthday thang ya'll. A couple of other dear friends have whispered that they'll be gettin' hitched pretty soon and there WILL be a big party. I reckon, redneck. Never thought I'd see the day :)

Over and out from scenic downtown Pecan Lane.

Keep the faith ^j^
happy reunion ^j^
vacation state of mind
I just talked to Yaya and Huck down there on the beach and they're having a great time so far. I'm off for a few days so I'm trying to do that transitional thing from totally wired and stressed to going with the flow. One or two more and I'll be there just in time for flannel and TV with the dogs. Did I ever mention how extremely low maintenance I can be? It's a perk of bein' an older woman.

The billing system around Poops Inc. is way too complicated so I've bundled some stuff just to simply. One bill for four services..can't beat that with a stick. That will knock three lines off the budget to make room for the propane guy this winter very soon. Buy local, I say. This dude drives 20 miles to deliver gas to us and has done it in the dead of winter with me whimpering that I'm flat out. Gotta love that type of service.

Allergies have been horrendous around here this year. Even people who have never been bothered have been wailing about the misery of weeping eyes and snot filled sinuses. I figure it has something to do with all that toxic election rhetoric floatin' around our atmosphere. Thank Big E that'll soon be over. If I hear the word "maverick" one more time, I swear I'm gonna choke Joe the Plumber and kick somebody's ass.

Over and out kids. See you on the flip side of vacation '08.

the progressive reunion

One of the cool things about planning a class reunion is that you get a chance to see people when they're around even if they don't make it for the official event. To be such an old gal, I sure am really blessed to have as many friends as I do strung out all over the country. I just had a beer on the porch with one from Arizona :) I've talked with another one almost every day for the past two weeks while he was burning up the highways of Tennessee. He, by the way, did NOT stop by for a porch visit. Your bad, dude.

The pap smear was N.O.R.M.A.L this time, praise be to Big Ernie. If I can manage one more in three months I'm off the hook for awhile with the gyno-lovefest. Sheesh, man. Never again will I complain about that little once a year inconvenience.

As far as I know, BG got the big fat document delivered on time today. Her internship with a social work/mental health team at a school begins in January. Yay BG. You are one stick with it kind of gal.

One more day and I'm on vacation.

Do I hear a WooHoo?
learning the light

When you're a camera fiend like me, it behooves oneself to become familiar with what the light can do in your immediate surroundings to improve the scene. My favorite time is sunset, so many of mine are made within an hour or two of that event. I can tell you just about what time the sun over Pecan Lane will set in any given month of the year because it's been my life for 20 years. Blessed? You bet your ass I am.

The computer has been tied up for three days now with BG working on her final big ginormous paper for school. Capstone, it's called. She's managed to line up two offers for internship so it's all good. Pretty soon the sleepless nights and hard work will all be a memory for awhile. Time to take it on the road.

My high school class is having a reunion this coming weekend...our 35th. A lot of people look at 'em as the next best thing to having a root canal, but I love it. In the past we've done it up all formal and stuff but this time it's about as laid back as you can get and still call it a party. I've been stalking some class members tryng to convince them to show up. Yeah, it's my evil twin that gets out on occasion. I have no doubt it will be one for the history books.

Ya'll know that Trapper died and got dragged off with a tractor put to rest a few weeks ago. It seems that Pride has recovered from his grief and started playing the "lets get out and watch the people chase me" game. Not that it's a hard thing to do, mind you. The ancient barbed wire and weathered fenceposts don't offer much resistance. We've run him back into the lot no less than 5 times this weekend and he's currently grazing on corn stalks. Wander on, dude. Don't get hit by a golf cart :)

There's this little side porch on my house which I figure was where the lady of the house stepped out years ago to tell the farm hands that supper was ready. It has turned into my favorite spot lately, to sit and gaze at things when the weather is nice like it is today. Doors and windows flung open, I feel like a kid again ready to romp in leaves and dress up all scary like. If I come up with a costume, I'll send ya'll a pic.

Peace and love. Rock and roll. Keep the faith ^j^
pecan lane
i want to be the baby

I've always thought it's a shame that childhood is so short, and we don't remember a whole lot of it anyway, and that adulthood is so dang long. As the years pass and my kids begin to have their own, I see how quickly it goes from carefree play to down and dirty drama. When we're little there are family members to cushion the blow of life's tragedies until we hit that magic age when...hmmm. Gotta deal with this.

When BG was little and wanted to cuddle up and "be the baby" I'd tease her by saying that's what I wanted! I was kidding, of course, but there are still times that I get that feeling and one of them is now. There's not any one particular thing that's got me wore out...just one of those days.

Peace out ya'll. Don't forget to watch the debate.

chicken rotel and term limits

My brother plays poker with a bunch of guys who celebrate Wild!Meat!Monday! by grubbing out and dealing the cards. For Christmas last year, I gave him a gift certificate for Poopie made dinner for the gathering, at his choice of time and menu. He was thoughtful enough to wait until I had a day off in October to cash in his chips and give me the menu. Chicken Rotel and green beans. Cooked the real way for ten hungry folks. I noticed that it had been kinda warm in the house over the weekend, but then...I wasn't here much and I've got a box fan pointed directly at my fat ass when I'm sleepin'. Old habits die hard, ya know? Long story short, it's still hot here and I cooked all day. Corey showed up today to shoot some freon in there. Poops will sleep cool tonight.

Today was pap smear day in my 'hood so I gave myself a spit bath and reported for duty. A little perk of the job is that I have someone willing to take a serious look at the slide and be objective because he cares about me as a co-worker and friend. The lassez faire leadership style doesn't work for this old gal anymore. I've had a few procedures up in there to try to fix things but it still isn't normal which can be sort of worrisome at times. Might be time to move on up the steps toward cancer prevention. That's what just KILLS my smartass about healthcare insurance. They'll pay for expensive drugs to keep you alive way longer than Big Ernie intended but not for trying to not get sick. Their money, your bad.

Several faithful members of our reunion committee met today and crunched some numbers. Looks like an interesting cast for a nice gathering in the 'burg. I currently have a spayed cat chasing a noisy ball through every room of this old house. My dawgs are in for the night with their Mama and supper tomorrow's lunch is cooked. My babygirl is in the bed enjoying fall break and working. One out of two is a blessing for her.

The crops are almost done except for the pecans and a few beans. When I think back over the years that farmers were paid federal tax dollars not to plant this or no-till that it makes me proud to be the member of a family who had the vision to keep agriculture alive and well. We're spending a kazillion dollars all over the globe doing just that thing. Give a man a fish... And f***reakin' term limits for Congress. Sheesh!

I'll keep ya'll posted about life on Pecan Lane ^j^
you don't scare me
My friend Muffyn gave me a t-shirt several years ago to wear on Halloween. It's imprinted with that phrase, and I still wear it to sleep in, minus the sleeves. I've got one from work too that says "We Are Impressive", also a sleeveless model. Hell yes, we are. As a country we are beginning to see that less is more unless we happen to be absolutely spoiled rotten and then..well then. We're pissed off.

My friends and I talk a lot about politics and faith. Sometimes we disagree and other times it's a brawl, according to who's got the most impressive yet believable life story. In 2004 I was one of those who voted not for Kerry, but against Bush. Even though a great number of Americans did the same and it was a close race, Dubya got back in the oval office long enough for one girl to get married on our dime.

Pundits say that we should look ahead, and never back because..hey. The past is the past, right? Unless we're talkin' prophets..and a lot of 'em are false, we are to believe that the sky is falling 'cuz some banks have failed. I know for a fact that a lot of rich people are nervous. I am too, and not because I have a lot of assets to lose. I live on a farm that has been family owned for a hundred years or more. I've seen the seasons change from my house enough times to know that whatever today looks like, a cold front or tropical depression can change all of that in a heartbeat.

I'm not scared though. I reckon that's the faithful part of me.

dearly beloved
My cousin's daughter who is one month older than Babygirl got married last night. She is a stunning beauty of a woman, much like her mother was at that age. She is the first of three in that litter to tie the knot, and the first girl. Like me, she has two bratty little brothers, and like me she adores them both. I don't dress up much, and neither does her Aunt Debbie but by golly we did for this occasion. I picked Mama up and we met Deb and Ronnie in the church parking lot and found our way to a pew close behind Aunt Granny.

The music was classical and the pianist accomplished at setting the mood for a promise like that. Mama can't see well, so I had to tell her that Zack and Nic were singing to their big sister. About that time Buddy and Carissa showed up with the first GREAT grandchild. His granny immediately grabbed him and proceeded to snuggle him near to death. I first noticed the tears shortly after that. Mom had a kleenex and it was all good.

It was at that point that I knew she was thinking about her late father and how much he would love this scene. They were two peas in a pod on most everything, including the band and makin' shit construction, not necessarily in that order. We spent lots of happy times together as children and then everybody started growing up and moving on with life. Things got busy and feelings got hurt.

I leaned over and whispered to Mama " Babygirl will NEVER go for something like this." She just smiled. Her reply was "You just never know." No, I guess you don't. Not 'til the fat lady sings.

if the hat fits, wear it

That's the wording on the October page of the ever present Mary Engelbreit calendar that hangs above my desk at home. Her pictures make me smile and that's always a good thing. I've moved the 'puter to the dining room so that my bedroom is mine to sleep in. Had to do something.....the ganglion cyst is being puffed up with all that keyboard action.

I'll be working this weekend so if you need to see me, come to the emergency room sawmill and send a message through the tube system. Megan will get it :) I've seen some changes around our little cubicle and I must say, though unpleasant at times, the straight talkin' seems to have broken down some walls to where we compromise and figure out how to get things done without wearing down the horses. I'm too old for that shit, ya'll.

We got a good soaking rain that settled the dust nicely and cooled us down a bit. Trees are beginning to change colors. Fall is finally here. And you know what?

It's my favorite ^j^

harvest moon

I watched half of it rise over the roof on the patio at the kudzu bar with Yaya and friends and then went on inside to listen to the band who are, by the way, quite talented. Too bad they don't crank up until 7. I'm usually snuggled up in the bed with the dogs by then.

When BG was little her she became acquainted with the phases of the moon and referred to it as "ball moon" or "banana moon". She learned all about that at Ms. Carol's preschool where they had parties for every little thing and put out some killer art on construction paper. Remind me to tell you about the time I got handed "The Strong Willed Child" one day when I picked her up after work, with a friendly suggestion to read what Dr. Dobson has to say about rebels. My reaction? Oh..shit.

I guess it was time for me to pay for my raisin' as a quasi-hippie/good girl and excellent group hugger. One time she and her heifer friend decided to go for a ride with some older guys. After me and her dad went to sleep, they snuck out walked out the back door and hiked up the road to where their car was parked. Been there...done that. You always get caught. The one time I did it I came back to a fully lit house and my pissed off mother. Daddy was out looking for me. When he walked back in and saw me sittin' there he cried. First time I'd ever seen that side of him, ya know?

We've got beans and cotton left standing and as soon as they're dry, they'll be history. I'm curious to see what the pecan crop does this year because there's a lot of nuts up there. We'll see how they fall.

It is hump day for ya'll and Friday for me. Let's hear it for " alternative scheduling." Bubba came by for our wednesday afternoon chat on the porch. That's when he comes out to supper with Mom and Daddy and he stops by for a spell. The rest of the time I pass him on the tractor or in his truck tending to chores that need to be done on a farm. We talked about end of life care and the election and the price of beans.

The kudzu patio has been too hot during the past several months for the kweens to gather without breakin' a sweat, but a nice cool front seems to have solved that dilemma for the week. What serendipity that I'm off for a couple of days and the house band is scheduled to play tomorrow. Hell, I might even pitch my sleeping bag out and spend the night.

I fell asleep AGAIN during last night's debate. I know there are a brazillion folks who make a living analyzing that stuff but I can give you the short version from a poopie point of view. Obama talks a good show. McCain can barely get his words out. None of the above will solve the problems that plague our nation today unless Congress gets their shit together in a timely fashion. Like, right damn now.

If there are any booklovers out there close to Nashvegas ya'll might want to check out this event. I've been several times and there's never a dull moment amongst the writers, musicians and food.

Over and out. Sunset time ^j^
assorted monday adventures

*sigh* They know me by name and serial number down at the Humane Society because of Faith's tendency to wander. I noticed at bedtime last night that she was absent for roll call but it was dark and she's brown so there you go. I put out the APB to Babygirl and my brother and went on work at 6AM, hoping for the best like when the nice man in the brown UPS uniform took her home and played with her and then called the next day. 'Twas not to be this time. The humane society folks had her in a back cage with a nice stuffed toy. As I rounded the corner to identify her as MY errant baby all I could think about was having to go to court on the third strike. Lord, ya'll. I can barely pay the light bill much less court costs for a vicious dog on the loose. Thank goodness they were in a good mood and let me off light. There's a special place in heaven for folks like that.

BG called me early this morning to let me know she was doing the Monday morning nap between work and school down at the grandparents' house. She fell asleep at home and was rousted out of the bed by the roofers. She said it sounded like the martians had landed up there. By the time I got here from doggy jail the place where the nice folks work to deposit Faith inside, these guys had completely torn off three layers and laid down the tarpaper. By the time I got off at 2, it was a done deal and they were raking shit out of my flower beds. They even blew out my clogged gutters! Sweet. A big fat thank you goes out to the landlord on that one.

Daddy's little spell at church yesterday turned out to be a drug reaction which is pretty common. He had run out of one med and been off for a month, then refilled it and took one yesterday in addition to his regular stuff. Ooops! Those two together will do that, the doc said. Looks like some pharmacy computer somewhere would have caught that one. Anyhow, he's fine and back to ornery and Bonanza. Life is good.

We had our monthly staff meeting this afternoon complete with Mitzi's strawberry cake. I don't know if we were high on sugar or what but real feelings and issues got laid on the table and I liked it. A lot. That's the only way real change ever happens.

I'm still on the trail of some hot PE teacher named Ms. Winston to be a special guest at my 35th high school reunion. As you can probably guess, that particular request was made by a guy. We'll have a decent crowd and a good time because that's what we know how to do. I was the class secretary back then but I don't do a lot of clerical work. That's my friend Cynthia who does that and she's dang good at it. I just bump into people at the store and take their pictures with no makeup and ratty clothes to post on Yahoo. Ha...your worst nightmare kids.

We're dry as a bone on Pecan Lane after a month without rain but some is on the way if the weatherman doesn't lie like a political candidate. Just in time for the newly raked flower beds and fall planting. Thanks, BigE.

Gotta go see if Faith is still alive in there on the couch. She's being punished for running away by staying in the house, poor baby. When I made the stir fry she stood there waiting for the scraps to drop into her mouth. She knows who loves her.

Let's try to keep terrific tuesday down to a dull roar, umkay? Old folks like me can't stand much excitement.

spirit filled
A friend and I were talking about religion long distance today. He had just left church and well...so had I. He's camped out in the eastern part of the state doing what he does for a living. Some kind of gypsy mofo, I'm just sayin'. I'm not sure what he wore but I was all done up in shorts and sandals when I went to check on Daddy's little spell. He and Mama were sitting in the parlor surrounded by their medically inclined fellow church members waiting for a ride home. It made me think about things in a different way, ya know? Even if he did just get too hot in a woolen choir robe after the AC has been turned off for the season. Gotta hand it to him though....he always makes a joyful noise.

As promised I have personal advice for each of my the top four candidates about the state of our union. Take it or leave it....your choice.

Gov Palin....Quit trying to be so damn cute and talk to us straight. There's a good chance that McCain will croak and you'll be in charge. I'm sorry to be rude, but that scares the shit out of me.

Senator Obama....The healthcare thing interests me if for no other reason than it's my vocation. Explain it a little more clearly and do the sparring that making it happen requires. It's a basic human right and many of us oldsters are still working to have access to it.

Senator Biden....Enough with blaming Bush, already. We know how we got here. Tell us how to fix it. You've got the experience to do that.

Senator McCain....Bless your heart for what you went through back in 'Nam. If it matters at all, I protested that war just like I've protested the current one in my own quiet way. Okay, maybe I went barefoot and smoked some dope. But I never inhaled.

Over and out from Pecan Lane.

open letter to the candidates
Dear all ya'll,

It's me, the Poopster. Like a whole bunch of people in this country I'm intrigued with election season this time around. Unlike many, I haven't decided which way to vote in several races because, frankly, I'm waitin' for a sign. Prayerful voting is something that flies in the face of partisan politics but that's just the way I am. In case you might be interested in knowing what I think, here are some tips to help you quit pissing people off when all they want is the simple life. These are some of the things I look for when considering a candidate to represent me.

Healthcare Reform: A simple plan with reasonable deductibles. Don't worry about the drugs. Kroger and Wallyworld have that down to a fine art and you can't compete except on the high end stuff like chemo. Speaking of which, how about focusing more on home care and palliative meds for those who choose that route. Teach those docs how to intelligently assess a situation and provide compassionate realistic options. I know, I know. That doesn't help your company's bottom line but the payment is set by DRGs anyway so go with the flow and see what happens. You might be surprised.

Homeland Security: I'm not sure but I think I saw Osama BL up at the crackhouse hotel this afternoon. Seriously...enough with the international meddling already. Our country is so focused on fearing other nations that we have failed to take care of the locals. That is why local emergency response teams and services are so important and thankfully the ones here are well run. When the earthquake hits, I don't expect any kind of help from Washington. It will be the city and county governments who respond first, then our state folks. What I wish you feds would do is watch the airspace and borders a little bit closer and fund some of the local stuff so we don't have to wait on your asses like after Katrina.

Economy: Um, where do I begin? From where I sit, the trickle down looks mighty scary. How about we sell some of those CEO's boats and houses and divide up the cash. Granted, a lot of countries still have kings and such who live the high life while the poor people scrap for food, but I thought we were different. I thought we were Americans at heart and generous by nature. The barter system is lookin' better and better.

Education: That a middle class student can no longer afford to pay cash for tuition and has to owe the federal government the first ten years of his or her working life is both a blessing and a curse that I know first hand. Thank goodness mine was mostly paid for except for that last year when my parents had to borrow so I could graduate.

Energy: Our dependence on oil is an addiction that has been hard to shake but seems to be losing its' power as prices soar and alternative sources are explored. I don't want to tear down one more tree or drill one more oil well. What I want is the means to liver simpler and cleaner in order to preserve the environment for future generations.

I'll be back tomorrow with personal advice for each of you from Pecan Lane, USA.

Poopie Jane ^j^
swiped from risible girl

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a walk in the woods ( without bill bryson)
A cool front passed through yesterday afternoon and I was right out there in the middle of it romping through the woods with the dogs like a kid. We went across the road to one of our secret spots where the breeze ripples the water in the riverbed. Above the water, there is a big hill with huge ancient trees keeping watch. Little dirt paths strewn with leaves wind in and around and up that hill which overlooks the field where the dove hunt was on Labor Day. All three canines went for a dip while I sat and marveled at the peace and quiet, captivated by nature. I paid for the outing today in the form of a huge allergy attack, but it was worth it. I am SUCH a tree hugger.

You know how you sit around at work sometimes and shoot the shit bull about anything and everything? Yesterday, one of our male co-workers and I were talking about the candidates and he offered up this endorsement of Sarah Palin. "She's HOT!" he gushed. "She can be my commander-in-chief anytime." Lord, give us strength. Last week another gal got in on the discussion to defend McCain's almost decision to skip the debate so he could rush to Washington and save the day from our financial tsunami. "He HAD to go...you know? He's the Vice President!" And she was serious as a heart attack. Tell me Cheney ain't forgettable, ya'll.

What tickles me is all the different names the media has come up with to describe this clusterf**k with the investment bankers. Somebody earns a good living coming up with new ways to describe what we all knew was coming to make it sound a little bit more like a disaster to be feared worse than the plague. Once again, I stick with the reasoning of the Harvard guy. Let 'em go bankrupt and get bought by whomever has money tucked under the mattress to buy their Wall Street asses. Then, make them clean the toilet with a toothbrush to pay the losses back to stockholders. No, I do not have PMS. I'm just tired of all the crap.

It's hump day ya'll. Let's slide on into the weekend because I just happen to be off.

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