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Git her done!
If there are still undecided voters sittin' around watching Brokaw and trying to figure it out, then I'm REALLY disappointed in America. Judging from the early voter turnout, I think most minds were made up long ago whilst the candidates go through the motions of the last minute stump.

MediaFrenz was built and prospers on weekends such as these where our only relief from yadayada is watching movies and greetin' the trick or treaters. I can't remember EVER being so ready for an election to be over.

I'll be busy bloggin' my first novel for the next month so there won't be much time for jaded commentary per Poopie.

Y'all keep the faith. Ya hear? ^j^


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Let's Do Lunch
It's the ultimate non-comittal acknowledgement.....sorta like asking "How are you" and not hearing the answer. "Have your people call my people and...." Well, you get the idea. Impersonal. Very 21st centuryish.

One can tell a lot about a person by how he or she spends her "lunchtime". Among women, it's a grand bonding experience. With men...well. You gotta eat. Most of my lunches are spent with co-workers chewing on families/other co-workers/hopes, dreams & disappointments and doing the stream of consciousness thing about everything the world brings our way.

Occasionally someone will take me out for lunch. Now THERE's a treat! Luxury among luxuries is the freedom to choose the spot and hunker down for a long spell of uninterrupted gossiping over something delicious. No phones ringing and nobody popping in the breakroom door to ask a question. Lingering over the table is like heaven.

Business lunches are mighty cool.....especially when the vendor pays. Many a corporate deal has been made through the art of springing for lunch at just the right moment. Caterers make their living off of lunch. It's the main meal in the busyness of America today. We may skip breakfast and eat dinner in the car on the way to the game, but WE DO LUNCH.

Sometimes lunch is a celebration, as in Bridesmaids luncheon or Birthday extravaganza. Victory lunch for the winning party or Baby brunch for the expectant mom. Funeral lunch prior to or after the service ( some of the best food I've ever eaten, by the way.)

Lunch is about fellowship and community. When you eat a midday meal with someone there's an opportunity to sit down and share if you take your time with it and savor the moment. To heck with Slim Fast and eatin' while you work.

John Belushi had the right idea.......FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!

loss and grief
it's definitely a process. there are pros and cons to sudden death and prolonged illness. my friend kay the funeral gal and i trade stories about the "body count" at her work vs. the mortality rate at mine. it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

i don't really remember how we first became friends. she's just always been there and always loved me. same for me. when we were middle school aged brats we drove her daddy's cadillac all OVER the front yard and loved every minute of it. her house burned, but we still had a place to swim! i think it all started at the methodist church, actually.

her dad died when we were teenagers and her mom when we were adults with kids of our own. we went our separate ways in life to different schools and vocations and marriages and children. nuf said.

ms ann, her momma died the long hard way. she had cancer and did the chemo thing and was sick from the get go. kay told me in the midst of it that her wish was for her mom to enjoy her last days playing bridge and having fun and enjoying each day instead of chasing the cure.

this is my opposing view...and i'm stickin' to it. y'all keep the faith. ^j^


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I figure that as soon as the beaches are cleaned up and my money situation improves, I'll be heading back to Gulf Shores. When I hit this sign, I'll know I'm almost there. It's intriguing how the deeper you get into the state of Mississippi the more voodooish the names of the towns become. It's a loooooong way from Tupelo to Bucatunna. Watch out for that I-65 snafu in Mobile :)

I've always wanted to experience the beach, not in the middle of the summer tourist season but with a sweater, perhaps. Way after hurricanes are a memory and the summer help is back in high school. In my imagination, it would be a quiet place inhabited not by Chevy Chase family vacation types, but the devoted ones who walk the surf and enjoy the moments without a thought of gettin' a tan.

Of course, if I had a boat it would be different.

The water is wide
I can't cross over
And neither have I wings to fly
Build me a boat
That can carry two
And both shall row
My love and I

There is a ship
And she sails the sea
She's loaded deep
As deep can be
But not so deep
As the love I'm in
I know not how I sink or swim

Oh love is handsome
And love is fine
The sweetest flower
When first it's new
But love grows old
And waxes cold
And fades away
Like Summer dew

Build me a boatThat can carry two
And both shall row
My love and I
And both shall row, My love and I


faith update
me and the beautiful brown dawg went for a walk today....and being a lab, she jumped in the ditch and ran through the water like a lil kid. she's in training for duck season :)

she also chased the ball and brought it back 20 times and found herself some kind of critter's foot to tote home and gnaw on. looked like a possum or coon by the toes. ewwwwwwww.......

there's squirrlies everywhere around here and leaves galore. i remember in my younger days raking and burning and generally wearing myself out with autumn. i think it will keep until spring this time.

no bulbs planted. no halloween decorations up. no love life. but HEY....i've got Christmas cactuses about to bust out in bloom!

and i'm keepin' the faith. ^j^

Amazing Grace
Working as a healthcare provider has given me the unique opportunity to minister to family members during the process of sickness and death. In return for my courage in quite scary situations, I have been rewarded with a belief that the journey to the next life is a gentle one when those who really care and respect the passage are present.

Gaga was everybody's favorite person at the hospital. She had worked there for years in various capacities. It wasn't supposed to be that way......she was set for life when her husband died in his mid-40's. But, as life would have it she went to "work" for the first time after he died and she enjoyed several years of luxury. She began in the admissions office and ended up as an Emergency Room clerk who was forced to retire at the age of 70.

Gaga never took too well to being housebound. She continued to drive until her car ended up in a deep ditch close to my house in the country and the daughters said "No More". If you knew her, you'd understand that taking those keys away was the hardest thing they ever did. After that, she ran us all around on errands to the grocery store and the drug store and every store there was. Her lists were specific and detailed.

We visited her in the assisted living home regularly. As the oldest grandchild, I think somehow I always felt an obligation to be there for her. I was the only one old enough to even remember her hubby, PaPa. Plus, we had the hospital in common.

At the age of 83, she had a routine colon resection. Stuff happens sometimes, and peritonitis set in. A bizarre series of events left her in the intensive care unit laced up like a turkey following an emergency colostomy. Morphine controlled the pain, but also decreased her respirations to the point that a ventilator was a last resort. My courageous Mom declined, on the advice of a compassionate physician.

The story got ugly at this point. The surgeon on call was not compassionate enough to deal with the situation humanely. He ordered the administration of Narcan to reverse the effects of the morphine so that she would continue to breathe and resolve him of responsibility for her death. An angel of a student nurse came and found me and told me that she was writhing in pain and what was going on.

I will never EVER forget going into that room and witnessing that extreme suffering. My dear grandmother was crying out in pain and I went ballistic. "WHY" I screamed! "Why is he doing this?" Co-workers dragged me out of the intensive care cubicle. I called the chaplain and another doc was called in to deal with the situation. He chose a non-invasive type of breathing assistance and resumed pain relief.

It was a losing situation from the get go.....which is exactly why the callous attitude of that physician infuriated me. She was dying, and he wasn't brave enough to help her to the other side. His main concern was the stats on his mortality rates.

Her attending surgeon returned from a well deserved vacation 2 days later. Our family was camped out in the waiting room and given free visitation during her last hours. I remember waking up around 3am and wandering into the ICU while everybody else slept. As I held Gaga's hand and listened to her fitful breathing, I knew that it was time. Softly at first, and then with the strength that can only come from God, I began to sing "Amazing Grace" to her and watched the struggle cease. When she seemed calm, I went back to my family in the waiting room.

It wasn't long after that....about an hour. The nurses came to tell us that she was gone. As we trooped in to say goodbye, I spotted my friend the surgeon camped out at the desk looking sad. He had come to spend her last minutes with her and to do what compassionate physicians do.....to give closure and condolences to the family.

We attended the same church, and about 5 hours later, I saw him again in the fellowship hall. He apologized to me for "letting my grandmother die" and even in my fatigue, I knew that this man was a hero. A true Christian. A stand up kinda guy. My friend.

There are other stories....other deaths that I have experienced. My favorite Uncle Jim who died "making platelets". My grandmother Lottie who went to God soon after I began my work there. My uncle Bill who did not go gently. Many strangers and family of friends and friends of friends and FRIENDS.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that healthcare isn't a "calling". Keep the faith. ^j^

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me....I once was lost but now am found,Was blind, but now, I see.T'was Grace that taught...my heart to fear.And Grace, my fears relieved.How precious did that Grace appear...the hour I first believed.Through many dangers, toils and snares...we have already come.T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...and Grace will lead us home.The Lord has promised good to me...His word my hope secures.He will my shield and portion be...as long as life endures.When we've been here ten thousand years...bright shining as the sun.We've no less days to sing God's praise...then when we've first begun."Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me....I once was lost but now am found,Was blind, but now, I see.

Remember Who You Are
That was the mantra that got me through the teenage years with my daughter. As everyone knows, it's a trying time for a parent. The worries are quite justified and we find that just when we thought we'd seen and heard it all, there's something around the corner to challenge that belief. Every time she left the house, with or without friends....she heard that on the way out the door.

For me, that was one of the biggest acts of faith in my life. For 5 years I quietly stalked her and let her go on her way out into the big bad world. I knew what was out there and I had to let her go anyway. That's what sucks about being a parent. You have to let go eventually and kick 'em out of the nest so they can fly. There were many times that she forgot who she was or didn't know exactly. I can relate......been there done that myself even as an adult.....several times actually. Okay......a lot of times. I've found that it's a process that's never finished and the goal changes day by day.

My mom bit her tongue when I played hippie as a teenager and "expressed myself" in bare feet and my Dad's Air Force overcoat at concerts. She made every holiday and every birthday a celebration. She worked full time and raised 3 kids and spent summers canning home grown veggies and winters making cut out Christmas cookies. She even talked me out of jumping from my 10th floor dorm window one quarter before graduation!

When I look at me now, I see that I'm a nice blend of both my Mom and Daddy. I've shucked the "icanditallmyself" syndrome and settled into a comfortable place where I expect nothing and appreciate the blessings when they come my way. I listen to the birds and grow stuff and cook great food and enjoy friendships. When a need arises, I'm there if I can be. When I'm tired I rest and when I'm happy I smile. I continue to cry when I'm sad, which isn't really a BAD thing :) Sometimes I smile even when I'm sad. You never know who's falling in love with your smile.

As for Babygirl....she still doesn't know who she is. She's young though....there's plenty of time to figure that one out. Besides.....God's got her back. ^j^

My friend and I huddled together as our shifts overlapped at work this morning in the October pre-dawn. Though she is 23 years younger, our hearts are usually in the same place. We like to laugh and cut up.....have fun in general. But today was different.

She has fears that sometimes seem irrational to me, usually concerning apocalyptic visions stemming from a rigid fundamentalist religious upbringing. This morning our fatigued conversation turned to the war in Iraq..and to the election. For once, I felt the same uneasiness that she feels. We both believe that this war is very wrong and out of control. We both said "Vietnam" before the first troops ever left the US months ago.

The news that I read today was real and true and scary. I have a mental picture of those 48 Iraqis being mowed down execution style. They were on the way HOME to their families after being trained to defend their country during the transition to their elections, which still seems like an unobtainable feat. Also of note: a piece in print outlining the scarcity of radios for our civilian reservists who were pulled away from their lives and homes to support this war. Additionally, there was a story about how Muslims worldwide increasingly see the US as the big bad wolf seeking to eat them up. Heads up America.....Us and the Brits are the only dogs in this hunt. With Ms. Hassan's capture and pleading, they will likely be shaken in their tenuous resolve.

These are the facts of life in this conflict. There is hatred toward us as a nation for putting our guns in another country's business. The citizens of OUR country are not united behind this effort. We vote and we grudgingly pay out the wazoo to a government that does not listen to us. They take our money and run to the nearest special interest........This is not much more of a democracy than what we are sacrificing our folks to attempt to build in Iraq.

Perhaps the best piece of literature I read today was an endorsement editorial by my favorite newspaper. Bottom line? We need different leadership. If Senator Kerry is elected, he will probably wish he had not been before the conflict is resolved. But at least he sees the focus of our efforts as something more homegrown and USA friendly like social reform. Sure, he will be left with damage control, but President Bush seems dead set on proving that he was "right" in his hasty decision to revisit the 60's. Sometimes, the strength of a man lies in admitting a mistake and correcting it. Call me cynical, but I don't see that forthcoming. If he did it, I might even vote for him.

We do have the right to vote, assuming that there are honest people somewhere to count them and our nation is prepared to live with the results....."work the program" so to speak. If that "program" happens to led by a party other than the one we LIKE the challenge is even greater than if our guys win.. It's kinda like the world series. You've gotta be good to get there. But to stay there, hmmm...well. You gottawanna.

Ain't democracy great?

Keep the faith y'all. ^j^

no matter who you're rootin' for, you gotta love a pitcher with a name like woody. now THAT's confidence :)

the birdies will have to fight for this one, cuz sox want it baaaad. it's amazing to me to see how a good coach will line 'em up in the perfect position to get the job done. that's the thrill of the game i suppose. and the source of the $$.

why do we pay our heroes in sports big bucks so we can win the title? same thing applies to football/basketball/golf/hockey/soccer/lacrosse, etc. is it for the experience of being a team member or to raise money for the sanctioned vendors?

teams come in many forms and at every junction along life's road. i give...you take....he steals...she's safe. when there's a common goal, it all comes together at just the right time. consider your job or your passion, whatever that may be.

and while you're at it....have a beer and a dog. and keep the faith. ^j^
Cliche o' the Day
"Don't cry because it's over........smile because it happened."

To me, that's one of the truest and hardest things to believe that I've ever heard. It is the essence of Grace to be able to let go in love and smile at the memories. It's the only way to live with any kind of sanity.

This particular story, I didn't play by the rules. Or maybe I did. It involved an overgrown boyscout lost in fatherhood and middle age. He has this essence about him that is strongly attached to nature and laughing and brown dogs. And signs. The man can play Neon Scrabble like you wouldn't believe , when he's inspired. Loves ice cream and huntin' and afterglow.

He earned my trust slowly and patiently by sharing his pain as I shared mine. I broke every "rule" in the book with him according to the experts who write about how to find a man to marry you. I was honest. I was needy. I craved physcial affection and friendship. I cooked for him. We kept up with each others' highs and lows and inbetweens. In short, we both got what we needed and we kept each other accountable for a couple of years.

I smile because of that....because of what he gave me. He gave me myself back after some long hard times. He taught me about wild turkeys and choco labs and the "biness". He gave me strength when I felt that I had none left. He was, in fact, a gift from God at just the right time. He showed me that sometimes you just gotta "get her done" and keep movin'.

I'm not sure what I am to him. Very Important Friend? Cheap date.....for sure :) Faithful and affectionate. Just me. For whatever it's worth....this is all for you chief. ^j^


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take me out......
is there anything more wonderful than your own season? baseball fans live for october madness. i spent the best years of my life bettin' on playoff and series pools run by the ambulance service where i worked. i won 2 boards in one series!!!!!!

those were my lucky days...i struck out mostly after that. the marriage bombed and the men were not attentive and work's a bitch. and then you die!

i'm feelin' lucky these days again. i can't explain it really, but it's just a gut feeling that keeps me going.



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The Long Road Home
Home is where the heart is. If you're a typical baby boomer like myself, it's steeped in traditions and family whether you like 'em or not. Fortunately, I've worked through the juvenile shit and found myself as a middle aged adult who loves every damn one of 'em.......loud mouth aunts included :)

I remember starting therapy as a 32 year old mixed up spoiled brat who told my therapist when asked what I wanted from my parents: " I just want them to know who I am." Looking back at that, it seems ridiculous. Why didn't I just BE myself with them? I dunno. Maybe it was because I wanted them to still take care of me even though I was grown up. Could be because I never felt like I was good enough to make them proud. Probably, I was just confused and overwhelmed with the life I'd chosen and with being a parent myself.

God is good....and He blessed me with some hard travels that showed me who I really am. I am my parents' oldest child and only daughter. I am my daughter's mother and friend. I am bound to others through my past yet moving toward a future that is all mine.....designed just for me. It includes a lifetime as a country gal and a wide open dance card.

When I get home, I'll know it.


the F words
Falluja, Florida, FLU,

what a terribly BUSY day for us in the USA.....as citizens and healthcare consumers and patriots.

the name of the game seems to be waiting in line....for the shot or to vote "early". powerful FIREpower in iraq as that conflict responds to the political deadline that looms halfway across the world.

as we all know, florida is a "must have" state. one frustrated voter told us on the national news this evening that he wondered about the status of HIS vote when the election supervisor is an appointed official ....by the governor....who happens to be the incumbent's brother. hmm..food for thought. no printouts? fire that software company jeb.

as for the FLU, well....at best it's a guessing game every year. that's why nobody wants to produce the vaccine...because viruses mutate so quickly that it's not economically feasible to try to plan ahead. one thing is for sure. just tell an american there's a shortage of something, and all hell breaks loose.

putin thinks that the increased violence in fallujah is an attempt to give dubya a dirty face pre-election. go figure. a worldwide conspiracy. at least his parents voted for him! saw it on TV :)

and of course the final F word du jour....FUEL. $2.03/gallon

is it just me, or could all of these F words be related?????

keepin' the Faith ^j^

there is something very cathartic about burnin' shit. i almost always have a fire pile in progress, and when the match gets tossed, it's an event. me and faith did the deed this evening in this perfect autumn weather. being a very "oral" lab, she dragged about half of it out and chewed on it.

the stars were out in all their glory. later on, these puffy clouds moved in that obscured the heavens, but still made a pretty picture in the sky. the embers are smoldering now and ashes will turn to ashes.

few words, much love.....poopie ^j^
The Princess and the Poop
Once upon a time in the land of Yahoo! there was a fair maiden searching for her prince. Day after day and night after night she roamed the chat rooms of the US looking for love.

One evening when she least expected it, Prince FrED approached her with a falling hearts background! Being a smartass, she quipped " I've been waiting for my prince to come! " The prince was heavy on the "darlings" and flattery. He lived in the UK but was planning a trip to the US very soon. He would come and see her!

The prince courted her night after night until she gave him her mailing address so he could send a token of his affection. One day after she had seen her "real life" love at work, she came home to find a package containing a teddy bear and lots of candy. The card read " To my princess......As long as you continue to love me, I will never break your heart". Living in denial as she did, the fair maiden imagined that it was HIM that sent it. The love of her life....with the whistle and the smile.

The prince told her that he would be sending more packages. And a few days later they arrived. A digital camera. A cellphone. Some very BIG shoes. On and on the carriers delivered these packages to her doorstep. All addressed to FrED. Soon, he told her that she was to pack up these things and ship them to Nigeria. He even provided a pre-paid shipping label by email! How thoughtful :)

The fair maiden, not being born LAST night, called the companies that shipped the items and asked what was up. The credit card used was not hers. So much for that theory! She slept on it over the weekend, and decided to return the merchandise to the companies in what was obviously some kind of scam. The carriers and the law enforcement folks said : "keep the stuff"....you have no liability. Sometimes fair maidens are too good for their own good, and this was no exception. She packed it up and shipped it to the companies at her own expense. The prince was very very angry! He threatened her by email and she was forced to IGGY him! Alas, he was not her prince after all.....just someone in a third world country running a scam on lonely women.

After a couple of Internet Relay calls from the prince, the maiden decided she'd had enough. Fortunately the operator was kind enough to explain how the calls work and that they are usually used for fraud. An email addy for the secret service was provided and voila! The story was told.

"Good karma" is what my friend told me I'd have coming for my honesty. I sure did need that camera too :) Still waiting for my prince to arrive. ^j^

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expect nothing
that way, you're never ever disappointed. that was my ex-husband's theory on life. i always thought that was kind of jaded, but maybe he's right. it seems quite plausible to me these days that life is just one big crapshoot, and either you're lucky or not when you roll the dice every day.

that's an odd way for a Christian to think, i suppose. but then it could be prophetic. God rolls the dice every day of each of our lives when he gives us the challenges that face us. some of us fall miserably on our faces.....others come out with the winning powerball ticket. some just get up and keep playin'....day in and day out, but never change strategy.

forrest gump is my hero. i wish i could see life as a "box of chocolates" like he did. i try and i try and i try, but i'm just not there yet.

stupid is as stupid does. ^j^

The Greed Factor
hmmm...well. it can be applied to several of today's top news stories......

OIL: the price of a gallon of gas has jumped around worse than a bunch of one-legged racers at a family reunion. we are a nation that is totally dependent on foreign oil to maintain our lifestyles. now, maybe i'm just being blonde here, but why is that? who's keeping that dependency the status quo and not looking for alternative fuel sources or ways to conserve like downsizing from the biggest SUV around. not naming names.....just asking. hint: STARTS WITH AN h

FLU VACCINE: the truest form of "outsourcing" i've seen in ages. while our FDA is busy micromanaging every move that scientists make to provide a "cure" or a "preventive measure", our nation looks to a company in an allied country as the primary source of something that we ourselves could provide to our citizens....and the rest of the world, for that matter. problem is, that nobody would make money if there weren't a "shortage". ditto for a cancer cure.....oncologists and drug companies would be outta bizness.

O'REILLY: so he had phone sex with a co-worker...big deal. she makes 97K per year as a producer for a major news network and she's afraid? puleeeez. the moral to that story is to think with the big head instead of the little one, on both sides.

HOMOSEXUALITY: angry responses indicate shame and fear to me. there was nothing but a leveling of the playing field in that remark by Kerry. if a candidate is to talk the talk, he should walk the walk, particularly with family. a kinder gentler approach to the whole deal is possible without breaking the bank thru civil unions. come to think of it....how many heterosexual couples are together just for the "benefits"?

i could go on and on, but i won't. i'm conserving propane by sleeping with my dawg and driving only to and from work in the healthcare sector where everybody expects a miracle. today's blessing was a nice case of mild flu because i got MY shot yesterday, so i'd be healthy enough to take care of YOUR sick ass this flu season. the runs, fever and muscle aches should be gone by tomorrow.....

Read it and WEEP. And keep smiling :)


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clASS reunion
fast forward 30 years from 1973 and you find old friends remembering their lives just like it was yesterday. OH yes...folks! i'm talkin' CLASS REUNION. there was lots of fun and laughter and many many pics. this one is my all time fav of the bunch.

the story goes like this.....eddie russell is one of the 20 something deceased class members who remembered were via prayer and tears. his buddies remembered playin' indian poker with him ( which THEY say he could never win!) and decided that a fitting memorial would be a hand that was a "given". they surrounded his wife and showed their cards and it was all just a monumental tribute to a great man.

much later, one of the "guys" pointed out to me that poor old spike still didn't get it. he slapped a high card up there just like he was playing right here and now. you go boy!

footnote: my daughter's boyfriend, another great scout, was passing time with me the other day and started talkin' about his eagle project and the fellow who helped him do it. they rounded up a bunch of american flags to be burned in the traditional scout way and the fellow got him a great big one from a bank that covered his whole driveway! that fella's name? eddie russell.

don't tell me God doesn't work in mysterious ways. ^j^
oh....NOW i get it! the reason bush performed so well in the debates is because he's being prompted by somebody else via that hidden microphone???????? that's sad that he has a coach and still looks like "george in the first reader".

"see george run"

"see dubya roll his eyes"

"LOOK...here comes kerry!"

"OOPS.........there went cheney"

" see edwards heal!"

"heal john heal"

thank goodness early-voting-n-tenn starts tomorrow and i can cast that vote ahead of the crowds. ya know....it's not like folks are lining up for that honor this year. most of my "sources" say it's a "least of the evils" dilemma once again.

i think i'm writing in my mom and dad. they're the smartest couple i know :)


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Goodbye Superman
We all knew it was coming for Christopher Reeve, but it's still a very sad thing. Forget Superman....."Somewhere in Time" is the closest to every girl's dream you'll ever find.

I'm sure he complained to those that he felt safe with....like his wife and close friends. His children, when they could find the strength to listen. But for the rest of the world, he kept up a good front and fought the good fight in spite of odds that would've put most of us under.

What have we learned here? Hmmm....well. We've been kept posted on the progress of chronic disease and disability and how very strong the human spirit is. We've felt the frustration that comes from knowing that science has solutions that are regulated by laws based on fear.

Mostly, I think....we've learned to say goodbye when the gig is up. If we can cross that over into our own lives and relationships, then we will have learned a valuable lesson. Christopher Reeve was famous for his acting. Most of the people that we love are famous to us for unique reasons that don't have a thing to do with vocation, but we love them anyway...Just because.

That's what friendship and devotion are all about.....Saying "I'm here" when someone who trusts you calls and reaches out. If you don't think you have the strength, just ask God. He'll give it to you.

i give
okay....well hell. REALLY i do! if any damn body in this country who doesn't owe a republican something is smiling right now. . . hmmm. MediaFrenz sez that this election will be decided by undecided voters who kind of recently realized that this is a big deal comin' up. lots of questions to be answered yet. i don't even remember whose kid did what in high school....SHEESH.

i don't know what the heck it is about the partisan loyalty stuff except that you reap what you sow...and that applies to both of 'em. i received a call from a pollster the other night who asked only these questions: "If you voted right now at this moment for state representative, who would you vote for? " Question number 2 related to the environment in our country and how the political sector responds to the challenges therein. i had honestly not considered the environmental issues with all the other big stuff going on like a war on terror.

at election time, it's entirely too easy to focus on the hot spot. "you did the wrong thing, and i have a plan" kinda thing" senator kerry sez. that's not what has kept my vote thus far. i knew from the get go that we acted way too slowly in shocked response to the reality that we are vulnerable. HELLLLLOOOOOO. it would've taken a much stronger man than dubya to say no to the pressure that this country put on government to "do something".

we shouldn't feel vindicated when somebody like martha stewart goes to jail. she did the same thing the many many other americans have done and got caught. ditto for the "i'm a soldier too" gal and howard stern and all the others that we pass judgement on to make ourselves feel better. the truth is not in the opinion but in the outcome.

OH YEAH>>>>>>>and the dixie chicks 2 !

there are times in our lives when we know it's time to move on....cut ties to the past and make a here and now decision. that may be nothing more than gettin' up in the morning and smiling when you feel like crap. it's called takin' it as it comes.

a vote is a powerful thing, even if you live in FL. like the old saying goes.."Use it or lose it".

^j^ poopie

News From the Beach
Aside from a unanimous decision that I should've "no way in THIS lifetime" posted that unflattering pic of myself and babygirl!....... Well, it's this. My friends with the Gulf Shores Sea Turtle Project report that the beach at the state park is destroyed. The fishing pier is in 3 pieces. IVAN the terrible struck and it took this long for me to hear by snail mail how it had affected them.

We tend to get caught up in the news because of the electronic speed with which it is delivered to us. I've ridden with my brother at 85 mph to deliver a tape that he's shot and edited in a matter of hours while he chases down leads on the cellphone as he books down the highway. "Breaking news"......That's what grabs our attention. When towers collapse or body parts are found or tragedy strikes we want to know. Some of us want to know all the gory details. It's a train wreck that grabs our attention away from our own problems with a a sigh of "Thank God....maybe my life isn't so bad after all."

Thank goodness there are those who believe that "thought provoking" news is good for the soul....especially when delivered with just the right amount of humor or sensitivity.

All of those words were to say this: "It's not always all about YOU". Expand your mind and your scope by exploring the world outside of your comfort zone, whatever that may be. Write a book...build a boat...learn to dance, speak another language, grow something cool or sing your heart out. Find out who you really are by meeting someone halfway.

And for God's sake...SMILE:) Your face might freeze that way!

commitment to quality
now listen up y'all...that is NOT a cliche! as i was filling in my work schedule on my DPG calendar, i came upon a mighty powerful quote for october :

" To be persuasive, we must be believable; to be believable, we must be credible; to be credible, we must be truthful." Edward R. Murrow

hey....i try. ^j^


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October Road Kill
Well....if the number of these critters that I've mowed down lately are ANY indication of the winter to come....I'ts gonna be a long cold one! The squirrelies are going nuts on this lane to my home in paradise. Usually I'm looking for bands on wooly bears around this time too, but I haven't even SEEN any! Hope that doesn't mean they've all crossed the road to a warmer spot already.

October on this farm is absolutely gorgeous. The lane is lined with hundred year old wild pecan trees that join over the road forming a canopy of color. Crimson ropes of Virginia creeper hang from each one like Spanish moss. Pecan trees tend to be capricious and this is definitely not a good year for nuts on the lane! Maybe that's why the lil' fellas are scrurrying so.

The farm is bordered by a river on all sides which makes it quite like a wildlife reserve....Normally I watch the sun set through a tree line across the road from my front yard with my best dawg Faith and various other critters. A beautiful stained glass window containing bevels hangs in the window in just the right spot to catch those rays as they stream through.

Down the lane a bit are fields of cotton and soybeans on the verge of harvest. The haunted dairy barn up on the hill is showcased by a giant stand of kudzu that gives the groundhogs good cover. Pretty soon, we'll be hearing the coyotes tuning up for the winter. That's when the best fires are laid here.....under stars in the crisp air of late autumn and early winter. We've been known to tend one all night long just for the sport of it.....a fire is an event to be shared with friends, always.

OOPS....gotta run. Faith is eatin' the front porch!!!!


red herring
okay america.....let's not beat the dead horse anymore. it truly IS a tie now between edwards' eyelash batting vs. his hand movements. he's a great cheerleader but not someone i'd want as captain of my team calling the plays. no wonder cheney has heart problems. he's all angst over being where he is and having to defend it while dubya looks annoyed.

the "war on terror" will never be won by conventional kick ass methods. they hate us. a whole generation of people on the other side of the world hate us as a country because of what we stand for. what exactly is it about us that fuels that hatred? has anybody ever figured out exactly why they want to blow the shit out of us?

i'm tickled to death that iraqi women can vote, if they so choose. it makes me sad, though, to think of all the lives that have been lost to tentatively secure that right for them. it's a fragile situation at best....and no matter who wins this election, we'll be paying for it for a long time. what we are doing there reminds me of "chasing the gerbil" .

there are other more pressing issues that deserve our attention as a country. just pick one and run with it and you can't go wrong. healthcare is a biggie. there is no great fairy godmother in the sky guaranteeing that we will live happily ever after. cancer strikes...stuff happens. 5% of the population of this country donates the blood that keeps the other 95% alive. we don't even take care of our own, and yet we want to save the world. the natural resources in this country are astounding and yet we focus all of our energy on making a dollar so we can buy a nicer car or wear designer clothes or send the kids to the right school.

i'm probably just a dreamer, but random acts of kindness seem like the answer here. if everybody sold one tenth of their stock and helped their neighbor build a fence or raise a kid, maybe we'd be better off in the long run. i don't have any stock, personally. the companies i've worked for failed to provide. doesn't matter though. it's all on paper.

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new kid on the farm
i remember it well......mr bruce,the principal of alice thurmond elementary school came and got me from class to give me the news that every 7 year old girl just LOVES to hear. i had a new baby brother on october 6, 1962. oh boy.....now there were TWO of 'em! my great grandma ethel inez remarked on seeing him in the nursery "God's nose!! he's got such a big head! " actually, she was saying "God knows " but i always believed when she came out with that expression she would rot in hell for defaming the Lord's nose.

he was a cute little kid, in spite of the lazy eye. the surgeries corrected those crossed eyes that gave him character...his name was thomas harold, after our grandpa. he was always a mischievous little boy who loved to take things apart and rewire them. thus, when you turned on the tv, the lights came on! he picked the lock on my bedroom door just to hear me squeal and hid behind the couch when i was trying to steal sugar from my boyfriends.

between the two of us, we've had 6 marriages and 5 divorces, about 5 years of therapy and countless crying sessions. we have, however, also shared cosmic closeness in spite of the passage of years. cellphone minutes and hysterical laughter. tommy has a "been there-done that" t-shirt from many different professions. he always loved electronics and i'm convinced that if bill gates had been a little bit slower, my brother would be on that richest person list right now. he was an EMT and "almost" a sheriff. he's done news stories on everything from agriculture to murders and is a kick-ass weatherman, photographer and pilot. in short, he's a very interesting guy.

mid-life called him to a new adventure in a different part of rural USA where the mountains greet him every day and life is good and wine tastes sweeter with the woman of his dreams and his two dogs.
wish i was there to give him this in person!

HAPPY Birthday BRO....^j^

peaks and valleys
sometimes even faith sings the blues! mostly she just sez WOOF and looks precious. this pup has sure been a lifesaver for me....she showed up at just the right time in my life to help me believe in miracles again.

a friend reminded me last night that there are peaks ahead that i just can't see yet because of the current valley situation. she's right....and i love her for that.

already the altitude is changing. ^j^
that look
faith has it doesn't she? that bluesy look....actually, she's just bored and lookin' for an adventure.
good dawg
even faith gets the blues
even faith gets the blues
it happens to the best of us!

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how many rights make a right?
waitin' for the karma to kick in around here :) i reckon you could say i've got the blues. i try really hard to not expect anything much and i'm usually not disappointed. this beautiful brown dawg was a complete gift ....and one that continues to make me smile when i'm up to my ASS in alligators, which tends to be the story of my life.

faith looks kinda bluesy herself in this pic....prolly missing her momma or b'friend or something. she was just a pup then. now she's a big girl and keeps us company when things are dark or happy or just in-between.


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i remember reading once a comparison of KARIOS vs CHRONOS, and it impressed me in the sense that sometimes God will find us in the most painful and least likely situations. kairos defined is when the past and future of chronos take a back seat to the joy of the present moment.......sacred time. it's those moments when nothing else matters but right now.

living by the "clock" is an irritant of the modern world that is very much rooted in control and lack of faith. as we all go marching off to our "jobs" that pay us well ( or not ) we find ourselves controlled by the expectations of others who have their own agendas at the forefront.. if we are "good" and "nice" and "follow all the rules" we will be rewarded with a nice "gift" from a "gift company catalog" when we pass the arbitrary "milestones".

my 25th anniversary celebration as an "employee" was spent on the phone with a good friend whom i had missed talking to. i was long past feeling loyal to the company and more into listening to my friend's update on her life. to this day, she still doesn't know that i was dressed and about to walk out the door.........

there is a minister within each of us waiting to serve. sometimes it's through the "day job" and sometimes it's on comp time. that's labor speak for kairos.


Pizza larceny
Lest the world believe that all of my life is about deep thoughts...duh. Let me share the delightful story of a 20th birthday party with a different twist!

My daughter and I closely resemble Lucy and Ethel in our scheming abilities. On the night of her 20th birthday, all the "girls" ( plus one guy who QUICKLY exited ) gathered at our house to celebrate with beer and pizza and lotsa rowdy behavior. We had a blast! The beer was flowin' and the jokes were flyin' as we watched a video of her at age 4 looking like an orphan princess in her Sesame Street swim suit. Her photog uncle's comment in the background was " Be sure and watch this when you're 20!" Little do guys know that "girls being bad" can make them look like altar boys :)

Pizza guy got lost on the way out to the country....poor thang. He called and we "guided" him to the house on his cellphone. The check was made out, including a tip when we decided to try our luck at free pizza as he walked up the steps. Now Leslie has shown her chest to get free cover into a bar.....but she hadn't had enough beer to do that this night. Instead, she met him at the door and told him that the pizza was "on Tony"...the boss. Poor thing never called his boss to confirm or anything. BAD mistake! When he returned the "boss", a very cocky Greek womanizer, failed to see the humor of the situation. Pizza man calls.....we ignore the phone. He leaves messages...."I know you're in there and you owe me money!" Before very long, he comes busting in the front door where Leslie gives him the indignant act over illegal entry. ( she'll be an actress when she grows up, no doubt )

GEAWWWW... is it just me, or does NOBODY have a sense of humor anymore? Within 15 minutes there are 2 sheriff's dept. guys cruising up the driveway and the girls disappear on cue leaving Mom in her panties and scrub top to answer the door to the law. A very tipsy Mom, by the way. "Ma'am....we have a report of underage drinking here. We'd like to come in." Yeah....I bet you would! "Are you saying that if we came in there we wouldn't find underage drinking?" No..No..No.. "Ma'am have you been drinking?" No No NO. (hiccup)
"We believe there's underage drinking going on here." Mom's been around the law enough to know the rules, so I asked if perhaps a warrant existed to force their little inspection. Stony silence. Red face cops. 2 of 'em, mind ya! And me in my panties with the front door between us. ( giggle )

Well, it went downhill from there. As they stalked down the steps to their cars, the most pissed off of the 2 tells Mom " We'll see YOU again!". They did, however, deliver the check to pizza man so all's well that ends well. I hope that sucker appreciated the 12 buck tip he got for his troubles! Happy birthday babygirl. ^j^

Humph...in their dreams!
mother earth
I think that in everybody's life, there comes an "aha" moment when you realize that the big picture is about much more than you and your little world. I remember mine very well....it was like, umm...a little over a year ago.

On my last day at the beach I woke early to walk it and say goodbye until next time. Noticing a couple on a mission, I asked what was up with the stethoscope around the fellow's neck. Doctor looking to do early AM physicals in the sand? These travelers invited me to walk a few yards and share their daily ritual of monitoring the sea turtle nest. The stethoscope is to listen for sounds of movement under the well protected nest that indicate that the time is near for those babies to hatch and swim! Most don't make it....but not because the volunteers don't try. When the time is right it's like a big old party in the maternity waiting room! The whole team gathers to dig a trench and wash those babies out to sea. I imagine that they hoot and holler and give 'em a pat on the butt to hurry them down and wish them well on their swimming lessons.

The one or two out of a hundred turtles that make it can live to be over a hundred years old. This September, I found myself worrying if the dunes are still there and the turtles are okay. As a Christian and an environmentalist , I know in my heart that the water rises and falls and the wind blows and whispers and that all is well with our souls if we follow our bliss.

Bliss is where we claim it.....whether on the beach or in the mountains or just doing a day's work to pay the bills in Smalltown USA. It's about kids and the future and a healthy respect for the past. Mostly, it's about love and doing the right thing. ^j^


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