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clASS reunion
fast forward 30 years from 1973 and you find old friends remembering their lives just like it was yesterday. OH yes...folks! i'm talkin' CLASS REUNION. there was lots of fun and laughter and many many pics. this one is my all time fav of the bunch.

the story goes like this.....eddie russell is one of the 20 something deceased class members who remembered were via prayer and tears. his buddies remembered playin' indian poker with him ( which THEY say he could never win!) and decided that a fitting memorial would be a hand that was a "given". they surrounded his wife and showed their cards and it was all just a monumental tribute to a great man.

much later, one of the "guys" pointed out to me that poor old spike still didn't get it. he slapped a high card up there just like he was playing right here and now. you go boy!

footnote: my daughter's boyfriend, another great scout, was passing time with me the other day and started talkin' about his eagle project and the fellow who helped him do it. they rounded up a bunch of american flags to be burned in the traditional scout way and the fellow got him a great big one from a bank that covered his whole driveway! that fella's name? eddie russell.

don't tell me God doesn't work in mysterious ways. ^j^
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