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Cliche o' the Day
"Don't cry because it's over........smile because it happened."

To me, that's one of the truest and hardest things to believe that I've ever heard. It is the essence of Grace to be able to let go in love and smile at the memories. It's the only way to live with any kind of sanity.

This particular story, I didn't play by the rules. Or maybe I did. It involved an overgrown boyscout lost in fatherhood and middle age. He has this essence about him that is strongly attached to nature and laughing and brown dogs. And signs. The man can play Neon Scrabble like you wouldn't believe , when he's inspired. Loves ice cream and huntin' and afterglow.

He earned my trust slowly and patiently by sharing his pain as I shared mine. I broke every "rule" in the book with him according to the experts who write about how to find a man to marry you. I was honest. I was needy. I craved physcial affection and friendship. I cooked for him. We kept up with each others' highs and lows and inbetweens. In short, we both got what we needed and we kept each other accountable for a couple of years.

I smile because of that....because of what he gave me. He gave me myself back after some long hard times. He taught me about wild turkeys and choco labs and the "biness". He gave me strength when I felt that I had none left. He was, in fact, a gift from God at just the right time. He showed me that sometimes you just gotta "get her done" and keep movin'.

I'm not sure what I am to him. Very Important Friend? Cheap date.....for sure :) Faithful and affectionate. Just me. For whatever it's worth....this is all for you chief. ^j^

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