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expect nothing
that way, you're never ever disappointed. that was my ex-husband's theory on life. i always thought that was kind of jaded, but maybe he's right. it seems quite plausible to me these days that life is just one big crapshoot, and either you're lucky or not when you roll the dice every day.

that's an odd way for a Christian to think, i suppose. but then it could be prophetic. God rolls the dice every day of each of our lives when he gives us the challenges that face us. some of us fall miserably on our faces.....others come out with the winning powerball ticket. some just get up and keep playin'....day in and day out, but never change strategy.

forrest gump is my hero. i wish i could see life as a "box of chocolates" like he did. i try and i try and i try, but i'm just not there yet.

stupid is as stupid does. ^j^

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