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the F words
Falluja, Florida, FLU,

what a terribly BUSY day for us in the USA.....as citizens and healthcare consumers and patriots.

the name of the game seems to be waiting in line....for the shot or to vote "early". powerful FIREpower in iraq as that conflict responds to the political deadline that looms halfway across the world.

as we all know, florida is a "must have" state. one frustrated voter told us on the national news this evening that he wondered about the status of HIS vote when the election supervisor is an appointed official ....by the governor....who happens to be the incumbent's brother. hmm..food for thought. no printouts? fire that software company jeb.

as for the FLU, well....at best it's a guessing game every year. that's why nobody wants to produce the vaccine...because viruses mutate so quickly that it's not economically feasible to try to plan ahead. one thing is for sure. just tell an american there's a shortage of something, and all hell breaks loose.

putin thinks that the increased violence in fallujah is an attempt to give dubya a dirty face pre-election. go figure. a worldwide conspiracy. at least his parents voted for him! saw it on TV :)

and of course the final F word du jour....FUEL. $2.03/gallon

is it just me, or could all of these F words be related?????

keepin' the Faith ^j^

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