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Goodbye Superman
We all knew it was coming for Christopher Reeve, but it's still a very sad thing. Forget Superman....."Somewhere in Time" is the closest to every girl's dream you'll ever find.

I'm sure he complained to those that he felt safe with....like his wife and close friends. His children, when they could find the strength to listen. But for the rest of the world, he kept up a good front and fought the good fight in spite of odds that would've put most of us under.

What have we learned here? Hmmm....well. We've been kept posted on the progress of chronic disease and disability and how very strong the human spirit is. We've felt the frustration that comes from knowing that science has solutions that are regulated by laws based on fear.

Mostly, I think....we've learned to say goodbye when the gig is up. If we can cross that over into our own lives and relationships, then we will have learned a valuable lesson. Christopher Reeve was famous for his acting. Most of the people that we love are famous to us for unique reasons that don't have a thing to do with vocation, but we love them anyway...Just because.

That's what friendship and devotion are all about.....Saying "I'm here" when someone who trusts you calls and reaches out. If you don't think you have the strength, just ask God. He'll give it to you.

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