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The Greed Factor
hmmm...well. it can be applied to several of today's top news stories......

OIL: the price of a gallon of gas has jumped around worse than a bunch of one-legged racers at a family reunion. we are a nation that is totally dependent on foreign oil to maintain our lifestyles. now, maybe i'm just being blonde here, but why is that? who's keeping that dependency the status quo and not looking for alternative fuel sources or ways to conserve like downsizing from the biggest SUV around. not naming names.....just asking. hint: STARTS WITH AN h

FLU VACCINE: the truest form of "outsourcing" i've seen in ages. while our FDA is busy micromanaging every move that scientists make to provide a "cure" or a "preventive measure", our nation looks to a company in an allied country as the primary source of something that we ourselves could provide to our citizens....and the rest of the world, for that matter. problem is, that nobody would make money if there weren't a "shortage". ditto for a cancer cure.....oncologists and drug companies would be outta bizness.

O'REILLY: so he had phone sex with a co-worker...big deal. she makes 97K per year as a producer for a major news network and she's afraid? puleeeez. the moral to that story is to think with the big head instead of the little one, on both sides.

HOMOSEXUALITY: angry responses indicate shame and fear to me. there was nothing but a leveling of the playing field in that remark by Kerry. if a candidate is to talk the talk, he should walk the walk, particularly with family. a kinder gentler approach to the whole deal is possible without breaking the bank thru civil unions. come to think of it....how many heterosexual couples are together just for the "benefits"?

i could go on and on, but i won't. i'm conserving propane by sleeping with my dawg and driving only to and from work in the healthcare sector where everybody expects a miracle. today's blessing was a nice case of mild flu because i got MY shot yesterday, so i'd be healthy enough to take care of YOUR sick ass this flu season. the runs, fever and muscle aches should be gone by tomorrow.....

Read it and WEEP. And keep smiling :)

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