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i give
okay....well hell. REALLY i do! if any damn body in this country who doesn't owe a republican something is smiling right now. . . hmmm. MediaFrenz sez that this election will be decided by undecided voters who kind of recently realized that this is a big deal comin' up. lots of questions to be answered yet. i don't even remember whose kid did what in high school....SHEESH.

i don't know what the heck it is about the partisan loyalty stuff except that you reap what you sow...and that applies to both of 'em. i received a call from a pollster the other night who asked only these questions: "If you voted right now at this moment for state representative, who would you vote for? " Question number 2 related to the environment in our country and how the political sector responds to the challenges therein. i had honestly not considered the environmental issues with all the other big stuff going on like a war on terror.

at election time, it's entirely too easy to focus on the hot spot. "you did the wrong thing, and i have a plan" kinda thing" senator kerry sez. that's not what has kept my vote thus far. i knew from the get go that we acted way too slowly in shocked response to the reality that we are vulnerable. HELLLLLOOOOOO. it would've taken a much stronger man than dubya to say no to the pressure that this country put on government to "do something".

we shouldn't feel vindicated when somebody like martha stewart goes to jail. she did the same thing the many many other americans have done and got caught. ditto for the "i'm a soldier too" gal and howard stern and all the others that we pass judgement on to make ourselves feel better. the truth is not in the opinion but in the outcome.

OH YEAH>>>>>>>and the dixie chicks 2 !

there are times in our lives when we know it's time to move on....cut ties to the past and make a here and now decision. that may be nothing more than gettin' up in the morning and smiling when you feel like crap. it's called takin' it as it comes.

a vote is a powerful thing, even if you live in FL. like the old saying goes.."Use it or lose it".

^j^ poopie

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