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no matter who you're rootin' for, you gotta love a pitcher with a name like woody. now THAT's confidence :)

the birdies will have to fight for this one, cuz sox want it baaaad. it's amazing to me to see how a good coach will line 'em up in the perfect position to get the job done. that's the thrill of the game i suppose. and the source of the $$.

why do we pay our heroes in sports big bucks so we can win the title? same thing applies to football/basketball/golf/hockey/soccer/lacrosse, etc. is it for the experience of being a team member or to raise money for the sanctioned vendors?

teams come in many forms and at every junction along life's road. i give...you take....he steals...she's safe. when there's a common goal, it all comes together at just the right time. consider your job or your passion, whatever that may be.

and while you're at it....have a beer and a dog. and keep the faith. ^j^
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