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Let's Do Lunch
It's the ultimate non-comittal acknowledgement.....sorta like asking "How are you" and not hearing the answer. "Have your people call my people and...." Well, you get the idea. Impersonal. Very 21st centuryish.

One can tell a lot about a person by how he or she spends her "lunchtime". Among women, it's a grand bonding experience. With men...well. You gotta eat. Most of my lunches are spent with co-workers chewing on families/other co-workers/hopes, dreams & disappointments and doing the stream of consciousness thing about everything the world brings our way.

Occasionally someone will take me out for lunch. Now THERE's a treat! Luxury among luxuries is the freedom to choose the spot and hunker down for a long spell of uninterrupted gossiping over something delicious. No phones ringing and nobody popping in the breakroom door to ask a question. Lingering over the table is like heaven.

Business lunches are mighty cool.....especially when the vendor pays. Many a corporate deal has been made through the art of springing for lunch at just the right moment. Caterers make their living off of lunch. It's the main meal in the busyness of America today. We may skip breakfast and eat dinner in the car on the way to the game, but WE DO LUNCH.

Sometimes lunch is a celebration, as in Bridesmaids luncheon or Birthday extravaganza. Victory lunch for the winning party or Baby brunch for the expectant mom. Funeral lunch prior to or after the service ( some of the best food I've ever eaten, by the way.)

Lunch is about fellowship and community. When you eat a midday meal with someone there's an opportunity to sit down and share if you take your time with it and savor the moment. To heck with Slim Fast and eatin' while you work.

John Belushi had the right idea.......FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!

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