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The Long Road Home
Home is where the heart is. If you're a typical baby boomer like myself, it's steeped in traditions and family whether you like 'em or not. Fortunately, I've worked through the juvenile shit and found myself as a middle aged adult who loves every damn one of 'em.......loud mouth aunts included :)

I remember starting therapy as a 32 year old mixed up spoiled brat who told my therapist when asked what I wanted from my parents: " I just want them to know who I am." Looking back at that, it seems ridiculous. Why didn't I just BE myself with them? I dunno. Maybe it was because I wanted them to still take care of me even though I was grown up. Could be because I never felt like I was good enough to make them proud. Probably, I was just confused and overwhelmed with the life I'd chosen and with being a parent myself.

God is good....and He blessed me with some hard travels that showed me who I really am. I am my parents' oldest child and only daughter. I am my daughter's mother and friend. I am bound to others through my past yet moving toward a future that is all mine.....designed just for me. It includes a lifetime as a country gal and a wide open dance card.

When I get home, I'll know it.


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