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new kid on the farm
i remember it well......mr bruce,the principal of alice thurmond elementary school came and got me from class to give me the news that every 7 year old girl just LOVES to hear. i had a new baby brother on october 6, 1962. oh boy.....now there were TWO of 'em! my great grandma ethel inez remarked on seeing him in the nursery "God's nose!! he's got such a big head! " actually, she was saying "God knows " but i always believed when she came out with that expression she would rot in hell for defaming the Lord's nose.

he was a cute little kid, in spite of the lazy eye. the surgeries corrected those crossed eyes that gave him character...his name was thomas harold, after our grandpa. he was always a mischievous little boy who loved to take things apart and rewire them. thus, when you turned on the tv, the lights came on! he picked the lock on my bedroom door just to hear me squeal and hid behind the couch when i was trying to steal sugar from my boyfriends.

between the two of us, we've had 6 marriages and 5 divorces, about 5 years of therapy and countless crying sessions. we have, however, also shared cosmic closeness in spite of the passage of years. cellphone minutes and hysterical laughter. tommy has a "been there-done that" t-shirt from many different professions. he always loved electronics and i'm convinced that if bill gates had been a little bit slower, my brother would be on that richest person list right now. he was an EMT and "almost" a sheriff. he's done news stories on everything from agriculture to murders and is a kick-ass weatherman, photographer and pilot. in short, he's a very interesting guy.

mid-life called him to a new adventure in a different part of rural USA where the mountains greet him every day and life is good and wine tastes sweeter with the woman of his dreams and his two dogs.
wish i was there to give him this in person!

HAPPY Birthday BRO....^j^

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