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News From the Beach
Aside from a unanimous decision that I should've "no way in THIS lifetime" posted that unflattering pic of myself and babygirl!....... Well, it's this. My friends with the Gulf Shores Sea Turtle Project report that the beach at the state park is destroyed. The fishing pier is in 3 pieces. IVAN the terrible struck and it took this long for me to hear by snail mail how it had affected them.

We tend to get caught up in the news because of the electronic speed with which it is delivered to us. I've ridden with my brother at 85 mph to deliver a tape that he's shot and edited in a matter of hours while he chases down leads on the cellphone as he books down the highway. "Breaking news"......That's what grabs our attention. When towers collapse or body parts are found or tragedy strikes we want to know. Some of us want to know all the gory details. It's a train wreck that grabs our attention away from our own problems with a a sigh of "Thank God....maybe my life isn't so bad after all."

Thank goodness there are those who believe that "thought provoking" news is good for the soul....especially when delivered with just the right amount of humor or sensitivity.

All of those words were to say this: "It's not always all about YOU". Expand your mind and your scope by exploring the world outside of your comfort zone, whatever that may be. Write a book...build a boat...learn to dance, speak another language, grow something cool or sing your heart out. Find out who you really are by meeting someone halfway.

And for God's sake...SMILE:) Your face might freeze that way!

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