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October Road Kill
Well....if the number of these critters that I've mowed down lately are ANY indication of the winter to come....I'ts gonna be a long cold one! The squirrelies are going nuts on this lane to my home in paradise. Usually I'm looking for bands on wooly bears around this time too, but I haven't even SEEN any! Hope that doesn't mean they've all crossed the road to a warmer spot already.

October on this farm is absolutely gorgeous. The lane is lined with hundred year old wild pecan trees that join over the road forming a canopy of color. Crimson ropes of Virginia creeper hang from each one like Spanish moss. Pecan trees tend to be capricious and this is definitely not a good year for nuts on the lane! Maybe that's why the lil' fellas are scrurrying so.

The farm is bordered by a river on all sides which makes it quite like a wildlife reserve....Normally I watch the sun set through a tree line across the road from my front yard with my best dawg Faith and various other critters. A beautiful stained glass window containing bevels hangs in the window in just the right spot to catch those rays as they stream through.

Down the lane a bit are fields of cotton and soybeans on the verge of harvest. The haunted dairy barn up on the hill is showcased by a giant stand of kudzu that gives the groundhogs good cover. Pretty soon, we'll be hearing the coyotes tuning up for the winter. That's when the best fires are laid here.....under stars in the crisp air of late autumn and early winter. We've been known to tend one all night long just for the sport of it.....a fire is an event to be shared with friends, always.

OOPS....gotta run. Faith is eatin' the front porch!!!!


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