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The Princess and the Poop
Once upon a time in the land of Yahoo! there was a fair maiden searching for her prince. Day after day and night after night she roamed the chat rooms of the US looking for love.

One evening when she least expected it, Prince FrED approached her with a falling hearts background! Being a smartass, she quipped " I've been waiting for my prince to come! " The prince was heavy on the "darlings" and flattery. He lived in the UK but was planning a trip to the US very soon. He would come and see her!

The prince courted her night after night until she gave him her mailing address so he could send a token of his affection. One day after she had seen her "real life" love at work, she came home to find a package containing a teddy bear and lots of candy. The card read " To my princess......As long as you continue to love me, I will never break your heart". Living in denial as she did, the fair maiden imagined that it was HIM that sent it. The love of her life....with the whistle and the smile.

The prince told her that he would be sending more packages. And a few days later they arrived. A digital camera. A cellphone. Some very BIG shoes. On and on the carriers delivered these packages to her doorstep. All addressed to FrED. Soon, he told her that she was to pack up these things and ship them to Nigeria. He even provided a pre-paid shipping label by email! How thoughtful :)

The fair maiden, not being born LAST night, called the companies that shipped the items and asked what was up. The credit card used was not hers. So much for that theory! She slept on it over the weekend, and decided to return the merchandise to the companies in what was obviously some kind of scam. The carriers and the law enforcement folks said : "keep the stuff"....you have no liability. Sometimes fair maidens are too good for their own good, and this was no exception. She packed it up and shipped it to the companies at her own expense. The prince was very very angry! He threatened her by email and she was forced to IGGY him! Alas, he was not her prince after all.....just someone in a third world country running a scam on lonely women.

After a couple of Internet Relay calls from the prince, the maiden decided she'd had enough. Fortunately the operator was kind enough to explain how the calls work and that they are usually used for fraud. An email addy for the secret service was provided and voila! The story was told.

"Good karma" is what my friend told me I'd have coming for my honesty. I sure did need that camera too :) Still waiting for my prince to arrive. ^j^
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