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red herring
okay america.....let's not beat the dead horse anymore. it truly IS a tie now between edwards' eyelash batting vs. his hand movements. he's a great cheerleader but not someone i'd want as captain of my team calling the plays. no wonder cheney has heart problems. he's all angst over being where he is and having to defend it while dubya looks annoyed.

the "war on terror" will never be won by conventional kick ass methods. they hate us. a whole generation of people on the other side of the world hate us as a country because of what we stand for. what exactly is it about us that fuels that hatred? has anybody ever figured out exactly why they want to blow the shit out of us?

i'm tickled to death that iraqi women can vote, if they so choose. it makes me sad, though, to think of all the lives that have been lost to tentatively secure that right for them. it's a fragile situation at best....and no matter who wins this election, we'll be paying for it for a long time. what we are doing there reminds me of "chasing the gerbil" .

there are other more pressing issues that deserve our attention as a country. just pick one and run with it and you can't go wrong. healthcare is a biggie. there is no great fairy godmother in the sky guaranteeing that we will live happily ever after. cancer strikes...stuff happens. 5% of the population of this country donates the blood that keeps the other 95% alive. we don't even take care of our own, and yet we want to save the world. the natural resources in this country are astounding and yet we focus all of our energy on making a dollar so we can buy a nicer car or wear designer clothes or send the kids to the right school.

i'm probably just a dreamer, but random acts of kindness seem like the answer here. if everybody sold one tenth of their stock and helped their neighbor build a fence or raise a kid, maybe we'd be better off in the long run. i don't have any stock, personally. the companies i've worked for failed to provide. doesn't matter though. it's all on paper.

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