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Remember Who You Are
That was the mantra that got me through the teenage years with my daughter. As everyone knows, it's a trying time for a parent. The worries are quite justified and we find that just when we thought we'd seen and heard it all, there's something around the corner to challenge that belief. Every time she left the house, with or without friends....she heard that on the way out the door.

For me, that was one of the biggest acts of faith in my life. For 5 years I quietly stalked her and let her go on her way out into the big bad world. I knew what was out there and I had to let her go anyway. That's what sucks about being a parent. You have to let go eventually and kick 'em out of the nest so they can fly. There were many times that she forgot who she was or didn't know exactly. I can relate......been there done that myself even as an adult.....several times actually. Okay......a lot of times. I've found that it's a process that's never finished and the goal changes day by day.

My mom bit her tongue when I played hippie as a teenager and "expressed myself" in bare feet and my Dad's Air Force overcoat at concerts. She made every holiday and every birthday a celebration. She worked full time and raised 3 kids and spent summers canning home grown veggies and winters making cut out Christmas cookies. She even talked me out of jumping from my 10th floor dorm window one quarter before graduation!

When I look at me now, I see that I'm a nice blend of both my Mom and Daddy. I've shucked the "icanditallmyself" syndrome and settled into a comfortable place where I expect nothing and appreciate the blessings when they come my way. I listen to the birds and grow stuff and cook great food and enjoy friendships. When a need arises, I'm there if I can be. When I'm tired I rest and when I'm happy I smile. I continue to cry when I'm sad, which isn't really a BAD thing :) Sometimes I smile even when I'm sad. You never know who's falling in love with your smile.

As for Babygirl....she still doesn't know who she is. She's young though....there's plenty of time to figure that one out. Besides.....God's got her back. ^j^

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