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The Centerpiece
My table in the dining room is ready for Thanksgiving. There's some wooden pilgrims and a coupla candles on a battenburg great-grandma tablecloth. In the center of a lovely dollar store plate sits a creation scavenged from a wonderful day with my friend on the 4 wheeler. There's a turkey feather and some grape vine tied with ribbon. It was a gorgeous day that I'll never forget as long as I live.

Faith went with us. She loves to run and we ran her lil' puppy self to death. For a dawg who sleeps half the time, she sure kept up. She treed some squirrlies and sniffed a bird or two with their guts hangin' out. It was a momentous occasion for a huntin' dog and her momma.

Her mama just happens to be looking for love. She thought she'd found it.....but, ummm. Well we all know how that goes. Maybe next time. ^j^

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