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Hmm..It was amusing to watch Brokaw cover the past 30 years last night and observe the change in his hair color. As a reporter of world events, he covered the biggies of our generation and did it well. Now it's time for him to spend time with the family and enjoy the fruits of that labor. Wish I could do the same on one tenth of his earnings.

What the heck is it about Americans that we will pay our entertainers/reporters/sports figures/politicians/bank presidents/yadayada a gazillion dollars and will actually pitch in by buying tickets or tuning in and generally being FANS.

Loyalty is a wonderful thing when it is placed wisely. To me, that includes family and friends. It used to include the job, but that was long ago. Loyalties there are to the co-workers and patients now, and not to the "work".

That explains clearly why I'm still there. And keepin' the faith. ^j^

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