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There is a certain responsibility that comes along with the inheritance of heirlooms. Yesterday my family was honored to eat Thanksgiving dinner on my grandmother’s table accompanied by her silver and my wedding china. Never mind that the marriage is long gone…….it was just a “good china” kind of day. Dessert was on a different grandmother’s plate.

Each of us contributed food and we all enjoyed the company. That is what holidays are about. It’s why airports are clogged on the days before and after and gas goes up a nickel. Everybody wants to be “at home”.

My youngest brother and his bride were at home in their new home, but we talked as they were coming back over the mountain from Wal-Mart toward their little piece of paradise and their dogs. Things could be much worse. They could be in Mosul.

I’m 49 years young and still feel like a kid in adult’s clothing at times. Even considering my status as divorced mother of an almost adult and old timer in the healthcare industry, sometimes I still want to believe in magic and miracles and dreams coming true. It’s the Cinderella factor that every baby boomer female grew up with. Work your ass off and be competent, caring , compassionate and gutsy……but always believe in Santa.

And always keep the faith. ^j^

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