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In My Daughter's Eyes
OLD SCHOOL My daughter refers to me that way all the time in a loving and awe-struck manner. That means that she is quite jealous that I saw Jimi Hendrix,Elton John X 2, Led Zepplin and many many others live and up-close in all of their deafening glory when I was a teenager.

It means that she is well aware of the battles we fought to get to where we are now, and is ashamed of being a typical teenage bitch at times. Okay well….most of the time for about three years!

Her respect for me is unwavering for taking the leap to get out of a bad marriage, even though we have struggled financially ever since. Her expectations of a relationship are colored by that experience.

It means that we can talk about everything openly and honestly, even things like sex and politics and euthanasia. We don’t always agree, but we never condemn.

It means that when she is troubled, she turns TOWARD me instead of the other way. She looks into my eyes and sees that no matter what, Mom loves her and cherishes who she is.

Cooking well, loving fiercely, defending the underdog…..these are all traits that she saw and learned from me even when I was tired or lonely or broke. Or all of the above.

In short, it means that she sees me as a successful parent. And for an old school Mom….Well, that rocks. ^j^

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