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Same Song, Next Verse
Six months later, we see the conflict in Falluja erupt again. Only this time, the insurgents have had six months advance warning to scatter, regroup and reorganize their terror tactics. President Bush has made the rounds to visit the injured now that there is no campaign at stake to suffer from the “negative connotation” that might be given to his presence there, per an NBC reporter. Supposedly the military were called off of the rebel stronghold six months ago because of fears of instability within the Iraqi government that might endanger the election that STILL hasn’t happened. More realistically, it was because we were ill prepared to deal with them. Images of corpses swinging in the breeze still remain fresh.

And now, the Sunnis don’t even want to vote. There’s some real strategy,huh? Back off and give the enemy time to run and hide and scheme while the campaign is rolling. Then come on with big ammo and piss off the clergy so that an election two months from now will be even LESS likely to happen than the first one.

According to Rumsfeld, the casualties…….both American and Iraqi will be light. That is because most of the rebels have departed the city leaving booby traps for our advancing Marines and snipers to pick them off. Grenade launchers. Lunatics with a hatred so great that they are consumed with martyrdom in the name of death to the westerners. The only difference now is that Iraqi National Guard seems a bit better equipped to help us help them.

ONLY 12 reported casualties following an 8 hour gun battle. Are those numbers “acceptable” in the game of war? It’s out of our hands America. Let’s just pray and be specific. ^j^

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