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What did I miss???
pardon my jaded attitude.....but tom brokaw just reported that last month was a coup for new jobs and the stock market is lookin' up. not that any of that affects lil' ole me.....you see i'm an old timer. in fact, i'm the poster child for old timers.

the orignal company that hired me 27 years ago has been sold twice. both times, i lost benefits that i had accrued through continued employment with said healthcare companies. serving patients, working while i was sick.....you get the picture. no matter what, i showed up and did my best and in the end, i was sold out.

i don't watch the stock market anymore. during my divorce i used my retirement $$ (with penalties ) in an attempt to support myself and my daughter. and i'm fairly well paid.

what about all those folks who work for minimum wage and switch jobs twice a year? what about those who aren't able or choose NOT to work and are depending on tax dollars from my hard-earned income ( about 25% last time i looked ) to live and receive healthcare and continue on their merry way?

i'm partially at fault, you see. instead of playing the rogue and working on contract for big bucks plus housing, i've chosen to continue my servitude while the cost of living eats me up. literally.
that's because i have a home and a community and a family and friends that i enjoy and want to stay close to. i wasn't "born" into money. i paid for most of my college through loans and student jobs and my parents mortgaged their souls for the rest. 27 years later, i make half per hour what the plumber or electrician brings in. not to even mention the politicians and lawyers and physicians and other successful "business" people.

i watch the ads on tv for furniture and clothing sales in my area and am aghast at the thought of finding 20 bucks to buy something at wal-mart. how did i get here? hmmmm.....

it's a long story. i did it for love and because i deserved better. i did it to show my daughter that marriage is not about having a roommate who doesn't love you. in short, i stuck my neck out and got beheaded.

there was a time in my life when i lived way beyond my "means". i'm not talking yachts or diamonds, but i spent more than i made and lenders made that possible. then, just as soon as it became unmanageable they turned into sharks that have bled me for years and continue to do so.

the little guy.....the old timer. God rest our souls. we're supporting the deadbeats AND the rich ones. and amazing as it seems, we still seem to be able to smile about all of it and whistle while we work.

y'all keep the faith. ^j^

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