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apples and oranges
It’s very difficult for someone who has no knowledge of another lifestyle to understand something different than their own little world. That’s a nice a safe spot to be where everyone who is “different” is wrong and to be avoided like the plague out of fear of a gateway experience to never never land.

That is not reality. That is not the life that God intended for us as His children. Picture this……the citizenry of this country has more wealth than could be spent in all of our lifetimes, yet many go hungry while a few live the good life. Could it be that the wealthy get off on the good feelings that accompany the tax deductions that go along with the next higher bracket?

War is business these days. It obeys the laws of supply and demand and sacrifices soldiers. Drugs are bad , even when they’re approved by the FDA and/ or several state governments for the dying.. There’s a counselor on your TV set every day that uses”real clients” for moving testimonials about “the check” and how quick it got there.

I hope Santa’s reading blogs today. In all his jolliness and merry Ho Ho, he’d know that I’ve been a good girl and kept the faith this year. And I sure don’t want no switches and ashes.


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