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Blessed is Poopie
For she shall know the true gifts of the Christmas season.

The anticipation of Advent

Making cookies from your mother’s age old recipe and remembering the childhood warmth.

Getting creative with the gifts by necessity, and finding that they mean more that way.

No shopping….no crowds….only important dates to be kept with a select few like the work crew and the fam and a few friends.

“White Christmas” Bing style and “The Snowman” and “Holiday Inn”

Believing in Dirty Santa even though you’ll be at work when he comes down the chimney and busts through the wall that covers it. No wait…..that’s Rambo Claus.

No dreading of the season or fighting the commercialism. Just a relaxed and peaceful attitude in thanks for The Gift of The Son.

An appreciation for waterfowl migratory patterns aka DUCKS!!!!!!!!

Slipping a homemade goody to the grocer and the postman and the candlestick maker.

Believing that you’ll have a date for New Year’s Eve.

And keepin’ the faith. ^j^

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