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carved in stone
Just when you think that life has passed you by and nobody remembers who you are, a gift arrives from a heart that knows you well :

Keepin the Faith

She sees the world through the wise eyes with an ageless soul and the heart of a child. She speaks with eloquence and writes as though she is giving every fiber of her being. She has such a different view in this world, so filled with pessimism and cynicism, her motto shining through like a beacon of light in the darkness shrouding the woe begotten beauty of bye-gone days. She holds her head high when forces rage against her, never falling short of the standard she has set for herself. She smiles through sorrow and laughs through rain and with every mountain that she climbs, she only grows stronger until one day she will rest at the peak, looking back at all she has overcome. She is my teacher, my mentor, my hero, if you will. She has taught me the beauty of simplicity and through her eyes, my world has become better. So many times, she has been a rock upon which I have broken, waves of sorrow flooding her just as the ocean crashes on the shore. She has been my one true friend in a world in which it is almost futile to even try to trust another human being. She has shown me how to love, how to trust, how to let go of a past that forced me to think I was unloved by God himself.I wish so many times that I could take her pain away. I feel it. I wish I could wave an arm and make things easier for her. She deserves it. Her life has been dedicated to being there for others in their most difficult times. She has fought for changes in healthcare, for dignity for the dying and for salvation for the weary.God has a mansion waiting. Though his workers may be poor here on earth, they will one day inherit the riches of Heaven. That's greater than any gift I could possibly give her. All I have ever had to offer is my friendship, and she will have that until the end of time.Keep the faith, J. I love ya.

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And keep the faith. ^j^

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