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The Ghost of Christmas
PAST…….I remember when I was little we had a rare Christmas snow here in West Tennessee. I woke up on “The DAY” to find sleigh tracks in the yard after hearing prancin’ on the roof the night before. Somewhere deep in that pre-adolescent mind, I knew that my Daddy had drug a lawn chair or something through that snow so that I could still believe in the magic of Christmas, which I most certainly did. Not that I had any problem with it at all, even as a college student. My mom would simply do the deed and turn the lights out so that my coming home late self couldn’t see what was up. It’s always been a big deal for us, and for me and my child as well. Nobody could sleep a wink because of visions of sugarplums. When Babygirl was two years old ( and we have this on video, BTW) she cried through the entire production from start to finish. Too much activity for a lil kid who just wants to feel the magic. We tried sooooo hard to create perfection in one day, that we failed all of ourselves miserably. My favorite Christmas past memory is of just last year at the midnight Methodist service with me and aforementioned Babygirl lighting the Christ candle at church. The wicks of every dang advent candle were buried in wax from the month of December and Mom had a childproof lighter to get the whole thing going. Instructions from the preacher under his breath were useless. Eventually, the kid just grabbed the lighter and did the deed amongst the chuckles of the faithful. I’m convinced that Jesus appreciated our efforts on his Birthday eve and said “Well done, girls.”

PRESENT……..It’s only December 1, and we have days and weeks to savor the joys of the season. Like watching “The Snowman” and remembering all the years we boarded Taffy while her fam was on the road. Making Mama Staff’s butter cut-out cookies and topping them with icing and sprinkles. Puttin’ a bow around Faith’s neck just because it’s Christmas and red looks good next to brown. Watching the amaryllis grow that my Mom brought by today. Choosing a kick-ass gift for the family Dirty Santa party. Decorating a LIVE tree that smells and makes us sneeze and sheds all over the carpet.

FUTURE….Not a clue, but I’m certain it includes keeping the faith.


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