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Go Figure.....
That “Chicago resident” Nate Berkus was eyewitness to the biggest baddest tragedy to hit the world in decades, and lived to tell it. I reckon we can expect Oprah to give him a segment to tell us about it when he’s not busy designing or posing for Sears.

Let’s chat about having a gazillion bucks. No…let’s chat about not having to worry about the next meal or the utility bill. That is what’s on the minds of most folks in this big old world of ours. Many of the people who got washed away to sea were folks who have spent their time eeking out a living doing what they can to survive and support their families.

This kind of aid is what I think about when I pay taxes to have the privilege of a job. If I knew that the majority of that 25% of my income went for that type of humanitarian effort, I’d never grumble again. Fact is, that’s a small piece of the pie.

The larger pieces consist of the industries of war and politics and special interests. Trips, retirements and job security for enforcement of the “right way of living” according to conservatives with control issues. BAH……Humbug.

One could think that I’m simply jealous that I wasn’t at the seashore with Nate and the other tourists. Could be.

Instead, I’m just here keepin’ the faith. ^j^
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