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Just Another Day in the Son
Like millions of other parents, I sit here at sunset on Christmas Eve waiting for my child to arrive over the river and through the woods and ice and snow. Nobody expected the arctic blast to cripple travel in the Southeast. All everybody wants is to get HOME for Christmas.

I can only imagine that’s what Mary and Joseph would have preferred 2000 plus years ago as they looked for a place to birth that baby boy. You know, the one born of the Virgin Mary, conceived by the Holy Spirit, suffered under Pontius Pilate………….

I’ll be at work tomorrow when the kiddies jump up to grab their magic…..as will many others who are expected to be there 24/7. After 27 years in healthcare, that has ceased to be an issue for me. Just another day at the salt mine.

As I was tinkling out some carols on my out of tune piano this afternoon, my thoughts drifted back to another Christmas Eve when Babygirl and me and my Daddy attended the funeral of a friend. A very young friend with two small boys. She was killed on December 22nd in a car accident and we celebrated her life on the eve of the Saviour’s “birthday”.

What a comfort. To know that saying good-bye isn’t really good-bye at all but “see ya later tater….in Heaven”. The reason for the season.

May the spirit of Christ live in your heart each and every day of every year. Merry Christmas y'all.

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