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Yes y'all....I believe. It's a faith thang that goes along with believing in God and His will and the goodness of it all. It is looking back just enough to learn and living the moment for all it's worth. Sometimes it's about right and wrong, but outside of murder or intentional hurt that's a gray area. Mostly it's about living faithfully and trusting that the Plan is all good.

The miracle inside each of us is the life that we were given, warts and bumps and all. Sperm and egg united to become "justanotherprincecharming4U" or "radiohead" or justme.

It's a relative thing....a miracle. It depends on where you are in life and what you need or long for. Miracles are often not recognized until way after they happen, and that can be the greatest gift of all. Sometimes we're just not ready for 'em. Sometimes we just have to sleep on it for a lifetime and then have an "aha" moment that brings clarity to the situation.

For those doubters among you, check out THIS

And keep the faith. ^j^

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