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ramblin' chicken heads
happy 2005 y'all. can you believe another year has slipped/passed/ RACED by while we were all so busy?

i would like to say congratulations to my newlywed friends, the FAWVERS ( not the fockers, knucklehead!) they got hitched yesterday and todd fixed gabby her toast this morning. that's the sweetest thing i've heard in a loooooooooong time.

hope and faith are play fightin' on my bed in celebration of the occasion of my having a holiday to myself to enjoy. that's a rarity in the world of oldtimers 'n healthcare.

the blackeyed peas are in the crockpot til next year. y'all bring us a head of cabbage and we'll cook it up along with the cornbread and tenderloin. we're gonna make somebody a good lil' wife some day :)

keep the faith children.....God is good. All the time. ^j^
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