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Pixels aside, I’ve got a few for this new year. I’ve never been much of a resolution maker…probably a fear of failure or somethin’ like that. BUT, this time around I feel differently.

From this day forward, til death do us part I do hereby resolve to:

Watch more Seinfeld, Frasier and SNL and less reality = laff my ass off :)

Walk when driving would be easier.

Smoke less and drink more or vice versa……whichever works out for the best.

Visit my brother in Virginia.

Remove toll free calls and bill collectors from my life.

Burn shit on a regular basis….as often as my soul demands a fire and the limbs need pickin' up.

Find an excuse to dress up and strut my stuff.

Stay up late enough to spend an evening with my brother at his nightclub ( before a day off, no doubt )

Keep the mowers in good working order and the dawgs in good health.

Work on my book (notice I didn’t say finish )

Cry when I’m sad, say what I feel when I feel it….get pissed off in a timely manner and deal with it accordingly.

Get a massage and a boyfriend....not necessarily in that order :)

Keep the faith. ^j^

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