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To my mens
Sup with y’all anyhow? I totally grasp the fart/hunt/conquer thing, K? Ditto for the food and weakness for Victoria’s Secret models. Specially the ones from Brazil. Beer? Um hmm. ( belch, fart, ahhhh)

I’m down for doing what you love, even if you’re broke doing it. A man who is passionate about his vocation and joys is sexier than 15 Brad Pitt clones in a cluster.

You like being chased but not all the time because YOU are the hunter and us lil’ ole girls are the prey. When we least expect it and we’re minding our own biz you come along and say “Hey.”

You smile and wink and show up at just the right time to make the old heart go pitty pat and believe in magic. You wear a suit and tie like a badge but camo is much more comfy and easier to get into. You love my dawgs and even have a few of your own. Human’s best friend.

Cats? Well, they’re funny. I’ve got a couple, and they just ain’t dogs. Go figure an animal that has to have its’ own box to do business. And YOU clean it out!
Barns are handy for extra cats.

Gotta go guys……the dawg’s sucking all the water outta the Christmas tree again. Stinking dawg.

I swear I don’t want to be taken care of. I just want a committed partner in this journey of life. It would be such a treat for an old gal who still believes in Santa.


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