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When I grow up
well, IF i ever do, i've got a list of things i'd love to be. rich ain't on the list....but not struggling to make ends meet is right at the top.

i'd like to see other countries and experience a taste of the cultures that i've read about for 40 years. heck, i'd just like to see more of the country that i live in.

when i grow up, i'm gonna have a nap every day. my parents do it and it looks heavenly. they do lots of other stuff too, but that nap is a luxury that's lookin' more and more attractive to my old tired self.

i believe that there's a soulmate out there for me somewhere, and i'd like to find him and pass some quality time with him, maybe even settle down and get old and take naptogether.

i'll speak my mind when i grow up ( no, wait....my childish self already does that!) maybe when i grow up other people will listen to me and i can make a difference in the world. it may only be one life at a time, but i'll settle for that.

i'd like to think that there's a day coming where terrorism doesn't mar our lives and the world is at peace. being a realistic child, i don't see that happening. " it has always been thus and so" says my wise daddy. in lieu of world peace, i'll hope for my country to get their nose out of the john wayne business and at attention to the problems within our borders and with OUR citizens.

my little kid self wrote letters to astronauts during the heydey of NASA and i still have the responses from those heroes. science was my forte.....in spite of ms. barrett's condemnation in jr high. the cycles of nature fascinate me as do the wonders of the universe. God is real and close to me when my childish self marvels at the bigness of all of it....the intricacy of the Plan.

i'm absolutely sure that when i grow up, i'll know what i was put on this earth to achieve. it may take me awhile to figure it out, but once i do.....watch out for poopie. assuming i don't get hit by a train or blown away by a tornado, that should be forthcoming.

how do i know this? hmmm....well. because i'm a faithful gal.


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