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Well folks...all our grandmas told us the truth. What goes around comes around eventually. There's a lot of conflict about the arrest of elderlyEdgar Ray Killen for the murders of three young civil rights workers in 1964. Folks in Mississippi don't want to "open old wounds" and don't see the point in" dragging up all that history. "

Hmm...I bet not. It might interrupt the mint julep sessions or something. According to the FBI, Killen not only participated in but did the majority of the planning for this horrific crime that was a product of his Klan mentality. I remember watching the movie " Mississippi Burning " and reeling from the horror of it.

Northerners cannot relate to the pain that us progressive Southerners felt while our friends and neighbors continued to say the "N" word and fight segregation with sheets and flames and crosses. We were embarrassed, afraid, and horrified. We lived our lives differently because of it.

Y'all keep the faith, and never forget the past. ^j^
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