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And the winner IS!!!!
This afternoon after work I treated myself to a movie in the privacy of my viewing room ( the living room full of dawgs and cats) Watching “Miss Congeniality” lifted my spirits somewhat as I feel a cosmic connection with most every character Bullock has ever played. Most of em are screw ups who are every guy’s buddy and nobody’s girlfriend.

If I were in a beauty pageant, my talent would probably be “critter doctoring”. My latest challenge in this department has been peroxidizing a wound on the yellow crack headed cat and getting liquid Amoxil through his clenched shut kitty mouth. He’ll thank me with a gracious leap across all my bedroom furniture when he’s all healed up. Dunno what the heck he got into it with, but the opposition won.

Since I don’t have health insurance for the critters ( barely manage the premiums for myself…and I WORK there ) I take the grass roots approach with leftover meds from previous human illnesses. Go figure what we could do in a country like Indonesia if the drug companies got off of a buck. Of course the Emperor and folks at the RWBH might object

Healthcare providers with a global vision might want to check out Doctors Without Borders. It's all about folks who see their living as a vocation and spread it around the world.

P.S. You know you're a geek when you're studying HTML instead of chasing men ( compliments of Jennifer ) Thanks for sharing :)

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^

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