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Control Issues
Once again, the case of Terri Schiavo has been kicked back to the state of Florida. The honorable justices decided to punt to Jeb and hope that somebody will discover the humanity in removing a feeding tube from a woman in a "persistent vegitative state". Fourteen years ought to be enough time spent in purgatory for Terri and her husband Michael and her parents.

One quick Google search turned up enough conspiracy theories on this poor woman's predicament to keep CSI busy in all their locations for a year. Her parents believe that Michael wants her to be put to death "prematurely" so that he can inherit her money and marry another woman. Perhaps they could use some closure as well.

Terri suffered a heart attack caused by a low potassium level due to an eating disorder. I'm not a shrink, but I know that eating disorders are normally the by-product of a controlling stressful environment. Same for cutting and other compulsive behaviors. The physiology of it is this: anorexics and bulemics throw up repeatedly and become dehydrated. That blows the electrolytes ( one of which is potassium ) all to hell. That ain't good for the heart. Remember Karen Carpenter.

My take? It doesn't matter how she got where she is. The fact is that she's a political football and that is so inhumane it makes me sicker than a jillion terrorists. She is a lost babe in the middle of the judicial system of this country. If I had a good lawyer joke, I'd throw it out right now, but I'm fresh out.

This kind of situation can be avoided by simply using an ADVANCED HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE aka Living Will. Forget the link and do a search. Download it, print it and fill it out. Then share it with the people you trust and make sure that they understand and respect your wishes.

It's one of the few liberties that we have left.

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