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federal budget chat
Whoa. I wish it was like the United Way where you could designate your $$ and renew your pledge every year. That would cut out all that special interest crap.

I'd pledge mine for hospice care and after school programs, locally managed. Day care for Alzheimer's patients. Counseling for pregnant teens * without the guilt. Better war stuff for the folks in Iraq.

As it stands, my federal money will go to Bubya's upped ante in Asia and his next vacation'n TX. I'll use my refund to kinda sorta find my way out of this year's debt and call it even.

Three and 3/4 years later, hopefully the Dems will offer up a candidate that can be more than a default choice. That's my hope, anyways.

Could it be a Republican????? Oh My.

Y'a'll get your partisan acts together and keep the faith. ^j^

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