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Free at Last
Everyone who has ever suffered a loss of any kind, be it a death or divorce or life change like moving or gettin' a new job can tell you that the only thing that is inevitable is change. People move in and out of our lives as if being weaved into the tapestry of our souls by a cosmic seamstress.

Elisabeth Kubler Ross is my hero as a teacher mentor in loss and grief. Her simplistic definition of the stages has helped me to help myself, and to help others along the way. Every amateur psychologist the world over has grasped her wisdom and spread it with love.

My EX called that "f--ing analyzing him". I called it trying to understand him. And so, after 20 hard years we parted ways with a beautiful daughter between us. I had hoped that it would be friendly and filled with communication about our issues past and present. It turned out to be neither. Three years later I still wonder how I got here and where I'm going.

There is a point with every loss/change/life event where one hears the bell finally toll and knows that the next chapter is about to begin. Diggin' through the mud turns into a comfort found in each day and the gifts. It's called peace.

My Mom and brother brought me an amaryllis bulb back in early December as a living Advent calendar. If finally bloomed this weekend with not one but TWO bloom stalks covered with brilliant red flowers. ( and that was after Faith strowed the infant growth plus dirt all over the living room floor). Wish you could see it. It's awesome.

The most marvelous thing about that gift is that it will keep on giving.

Happy Birthday MLK and Bubba :)

Y'all keep the faith, ya hear?

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