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Healthcare Joke o'the Day
How many doctors does it take to change a lightbulb? One can do it with the right team behind 'em. What if the bulb breaks and the doc needs an x-ray tech? How about if the lightbulb's kidneys are shot or the electrolytes are out of balance of the blood gases are kaput? Who's changing that lightbulb's bedpan anyhow?????

Heaven forbid the doctor should make a mistake. Then he/she/it must find someone to blame for it from within the vast support system that makes the practice of medicine possible and safe and all that.

As healthcare consumers, we need to get a grip on that stuff. They make mistakes.....and are definitely not God. There's this little " do no harm" thing that they all swear to live by. Sometimes shit happens. But when it does......by God they need to say "I'm sorry....I fucked up" instead of looking for someone to lay blame on.

I just had to vent y'all. At least I gave the war mongers a break.


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