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here's your card
Alas, I find myself with the holidays over and still no greetings sent! I thought I would depart from the usual Hallmark decorum this season and share with you the bright spots of my year. After all, if you weren’t a reader, you wouldn’t be here :) In that spirit, I present to you my cyberfriends in all their glory…..plus a pic of the Burberry brindle baby sans Christmas bow. Also I am happy to report that I have propane to keep me warm when it gets cold again and to cook with. I missed the cookin’ way more than the heat.

The rain is pitty patting softly through open windows, so ….all in all, it’s a Happy New Year.

Takin' HTML lessons.....I'll get back to ya.

Y’all enjoy 2005 and Keep the Faith. ^j^

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