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humility and patience
"they" say that those are virtues. if so, i'm one heck of a virtuous woman . not that many guys are looking for that these days...but hey, that's me.

i remember once, long ago in another life. i made the pilgrimage to a festival where there were many southern writers mingling with their readers and writer wannabes. it was there that i discovered a lil' tune called walkin' across egypt that is on my funeral list. i even learned to play it on the piano.

much later in life....as an old divorced gal, i learned the joy of readin' about lula and stepahanie and company. grandma mazur is my fav....i can picture me hittin' the funeral homes as an ancient gal.

i could go on and on but i won't. i'll just concentrate on writing that book that was influenced by so many writers before me.

and of course, i'll keep the faith. ^j^
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