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Left Brain Sunset
i knew on my way home from the paying job that something was different. the sun's been out for a coupla days and i was long-sleeveless past noon. cruisin' through town this afternoon with the windows open, john mayer was croonin' "somethings....DIFFERENT..and i don't know what it is...."

lo and behold. when i pulled into the driveway there sat babygirl on the front steps with a beer watching the dawgs play, and lovin' it. faith and hope chased each other around and around as the sun melted into orange and yellow and purple and pink over the forked deere backwater.

"that's what i'm sayin". this is what it's all about. babygirl said "are you happy?" yep. not in that "i just won the lottery" or "i don't have cancer" kind of way. i'm just content with what we have.

we talked like the old friends that we are about men and love and life and work and finding a passion. we started over...a new life based on honesty and trust and sharing. after 20 years together, we both know where the other's been so it's time to create some new goals and memories.

by the time the sun went down it was blazing orange and the crows were raising hell. hope was shivering like pups do but knew that outside is where it's happening. that should help with the potty training :)


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