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The Legend of Little Pond
There's a few big old floppin' fish in every one you come across. They attract attention like all get out, kinda like the little man with his syndrome. According to my friend Sharry, the little general, it's deadly for a woman to love one. Little man defined is cocky to a fault and hides behind that bravado because he feels small and insignificant as a person. Go figure. The antithesis of the fat girl syndrome.

I've had the pleasure? of a few little men in my life. For the most part they are "da bomb" to everybody in the world but the ones who love and adore 'em. They have trouble expressing emotion or sittin' still and sharing. In short, little man is constantly trying to feel like Big Ike by remaining cool and calm or putting somebody else down to feel larger... He has trouble showing appreciation or realizing when he has been blessed. He usually misses the boat because he's busy elsewhere trying to be BIG.
this story reminds me how hard it is to become big and real and true to one's own heart.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^

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